Natural Hazards Preparedness Survey

Your help is needed to undertake this short survey.

Recently, the government presented a new phase of the campaign Portugal Chama, focusing on the prevention of rural fires. Under the slogan “Prevention Starts within You”, the initiative intends to get closer to people in order for us to be the main agents of change.

However, for improvements to take place, it is important to know the current level of risk awareness and preparedness among communities. For this reason, Safe Communities Portugal is undertaking the following survey.

As residents of Portugal, we are exposed to the risk of wildfires, earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural hazards. These can have disastrous effects, causing massive losses and damage.

While practitioners, such as national authorities at all levels and non-governmental organisations and associations, are working together to minimise the impacts of these risks, any efforts to build a more resilient society are limited if the local population is unaware of and not involved in disaster risk management.

The survey was developed by Kirsten Cook, who has a background in wildfire preparedness, in order for Safe Communities Portugal to learn about your concerns, level of preparedness, and ideas for becoming more aware and prepared for natural hazards.

Please take a few minutes to fill in this survey and help us evaluate Portugal’s residents’ readiness to cope with natural hazards and reduce the impacts of such disasters.

This survey takes just a few minutes, but the impact of your responses could be significant. The overall results will be shared with the civil protection authorities and made public, potentially shaping future policies and initiatives. Thank you for your contribution.

Please ONLY complete if you own or rent a property in Portugal


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