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Originally from the UK, Nick Darker lived in many countries before settling in Chabouco four years ago. He has been writing poetry for many years but has found new inspiration in the Algarve. He has written a series of poetry under the heading of “Animal Crackers”, with some critical support from friends.

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To Jasper

A dog’s life

When I wake up in the morning the people are still snoring

So I creep into the bedroom even though it’s really boring

My nose is moist and questing and my whiskers are erect

As I push gently through the bedclothes and I touch their face direct

They snort and fumble blindly as I give them full attention

Oh Jasper will you go away! Or we’ll put you in detention!

I drop a  poisonous doggy fart so they figure out the issue

And on the lawn below the house, I start to poo, sans tissue!

The day begins to brighten with the filling of the dish

A pile of canine cereals and a chunk of yummy fish

Well just a moment later, I yowl to get the lead

And Jerome runs out along the road to do his master deed

I do pretend the morning walk is what I really need

But frankly there are better walks but how to make him heed?

The perfect doggy trot should have a stick as well as ball

A few slow hounds to chase around while frantic owners call

But then all done we head for home

And supper is prepared!

Woof woof we shout and tongues fall out

The evening meal is declared!

Although the humans cook for hours then slowly eat all night

For me I have no problem to gulp it down – that’s right!

Then I crawl into my doggy bed

And growl at phantom frights

While the humans play their silly games

I  slowly snooze all night …


Some sights are truly shocking

Too disgusting to recall

But the story of the tossed-out dog

It does surpass them all!

The dog was deeply pregnant

When the owner tossed her out

Just thrown alone beside the gate –

A heinous act, no doubt

The owner should be forced to roast

Inside the fires of Hell!

Such awful and so shameful acts

Need justice, fierce, as well.

The dog was dumped beside the track

Her pregnancy now due

The pups were wiggling from her womb

Can this foul tale be true?

Alone, distressed, in constant pain

This canine mum just moaned

Two lads then found her, smashed and sore

Her cries were clearly groans

They searched for further adult help

They feared her gone forever

But tiny whimpers gave then hope

Her breaths as weak like feather

The helpers came with tender hands

And lifted her with care

They whispered gently “to the vet”

They scarcely touched her hair!

The vet worked hard and lovingly,

His hands so full of zeal

Alas the pups could not be saved

But the dog will likely heal!

The turtles of Tiwi

The turtles of Tiwi are really quite sublime –

The mothers swim across the seas, so clearly in their prime

They crawl right up the sandy beach and dig deep in the ground

They lay around a hundred eggs all squidgy, soft and round

For sixty days the eggs lie safe, and then they’re bursting out

The hatchlings totter, then they run, it looks like quite a rout!

They head straight down right to the sea, the crabs all lurking near

The ocean’s not much better, the snakes and fish are here

Their enemies with hungry jaws do leave a dreadful toll,

So few survive the first few days, they rarely meet their goal …

That’s why so many eggs are laid: the mother comes again

She dumps another pile of eggs, what effort for what gain?

The answer is that Nature, cruel, thinks for the longer run

The hatchlings may perish but the species lives on.

Nipper the rat

Nipper the Rat was not very nice!

The sort who bit not once, but twice!

He lived with his family, some fifty by far

All squeezed together in a clapped-out old car

He prowled through the night, he hid by the day

A hunter so beastly, he pounced on his prey!

His fur was all mottled, with scars round his jaws

He limped a bit slowly, he’d lost a few claws.

He ate all the rubbish he found round his lair

The rats grew quite fat as they nibbled with care …

All creatures around him shrank small as could be

They knew he would chew them, with no sympathy!

He prospered, he grew, his teeth stayed so smart

That even the cat learned to keep far apart …

Then one day our Nipper decided to act!!

He’d pounce on the pussy; he’d make her react!

He hid by the wreck of his crumbling domain

And watched as the cat crept forth once again …

Then leaped through the air and bit at her neck

She shrieked and contorted as she rolled on the deck

They fought for a while, as wild creatures do

Then glared at each other, deep-breathing anew …

So Nipper declared that the cat had to leave

No presence, no paw, or she’d so much grieve!

The cat spat and hissed while she thought what to do

Then turned and escaped and pondered how few

Her famous nine lives remained of her life:

She wasn’t so keen to continue this strife!

Now Nipper, triumphant, retired to his base

And lived with his chums while re-living the chase!

Pippa the Pig – poem

This is the tale of Pippa the Pig

Though at first really small, she ended quite big!

She lived by herself in a grubby old sty

And loved looking out at a patch in the sky.

Now Pippa was hungry, she lived for a munch

The farmer had made her a pail for her lunch.

The bell was first sounded,

Then all pigs would thirst

But Pippa, so nimble, was always the first!

She’s slurp through the slops and the smelly old bread

Then belch rather loudly and head for her bed.

Alas she grew daily, an inch or so more –

She had to be slender to get through her door.

One day a bit later, she gobbled her tuck

Then squeezed at the door frame and came fully stuck

She grunted and hollered, the fire brigade came

But push her or pull her, it wasn’t a game!

So tired and so weary she couldn’t get in

And she drowsed through the night and wished to be thin!

The farmer thought Ah!! (he said with a smirk)

So he fetched his prize boar who started to work

The boar was quite busy, and Pippa was done

She didn’t quite know if this was called fun!

The farmer said sternly, your sty is too small

You’ll now have to stay in the barn by the hall

The barn was quite spacious, well sized for her tum

She used her time wisely, for the piglets to come …

She reckoned a dozen, with a squeal then a shout

As all of her babies were gently eased out.

Too bad she was hungry, she needed her feed

So she slurped and she gobbled with gluttonous greed

Her piglets all prospered, so healthy they grew

Not guessing they’d end up as bacon or stew!

So Pippa, no time-waster, ate six meals a day!

Grew fatter and fatter as she lay on the hay.

Her body expanded, grew tight as a drum,

Ballooned like a Zeppelin from her nose to her bum …

And then, strange to say, she floated up high

And whizzed all aloft while she flew in the sky!

On spying her farm, as she flew in the air

Said: “I wish I’d been thinner, then I’d still live there!”


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