Driven by people to help local causes in the area

TACT is a nonprofit, official charitable trust. All funds raised through our events, plus generous donations form individuals and businesses directly to our chosen causes and help make a better life for those who need it most.

In partnership with Tomorrow magazine we are able to raise awareness of good causes and issues being faced by people in the community.

From small acorns mighty oaks grow!

In 2014 TACT was founded and in the same year we held our first Tomorrow Charity Golf Day. Then in 2015 we held our first Summer and Winter Balls. In 2018 we were chosen to host the annual John Aldridge Charity Golf Tournament.

Through these annual events, we have been able to grow our charitable activities and continue to support local causes.

Our goal is to continue and grow and with the help of the people in the community, we are determined to raise funds and awareness for those who need help most in the community

How you can help


We are always looking for extra help. If you would like to make a donation or would like to be involved please feel free to get in touch

Phil Harding:

Causes we support

Lagos children’s home help children that for various reasons can’t stay with their family.
Associação Humanitária dos Bombeiros Voluntários de Lagos - Lagos firefighters.
Provide care and support for people affected by life limiting illness and bereavement.
Vicente has cerebral paralysis, by collecting lids we can help pay for his treatments.
O Mundo Colorido do Vicente
Soup Kitchen
The Mustard Seed Association help feed the less fortunate.
Soup Kitchen Lagos
Help improve of the quality of life and the full inclusion of people with disabilities.
Casa de Santo Amaro
24-hour care for people with many different individual disabilities.
Cadela Carlota
Cadela Carlota is a sanctuary for abandoned animals.
Cadela Carlota
Alice Soares
Alice is a five-year-old girl battling a rare disease called Rett Syndrome.
Alice Soares

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