The Dangers of Day Three!

Skiing gets safer with every season. The accident statistics prove it: fewer and fewer winter sports enthusiasts are getting injured every year. This is the result of greater protection through equipment and better preparation, as well as more considerate skiers. Nevertheless, as with any sport, there is of course, a certain risk of injury when skiing.

Despite common assumptions that a ski injury is most likely to occur on the first day of your ski holiday, it’s actually day three when injuries are more common. After three days of skiing using unaccustomed muscles, skiers become confident but are physically tired, and their capability isn’t necessarily matched to their confidence.

Prevention is still better than cure. These tips can help you avoid injuries because just one joint or muscle out of line can be a disaster when you are travelling at 40 miles per hour on two skis. 


Move on up: exercising through squats, cross trainers and cycling is good for preparing the right muscles. 

Weeble wobble: balance is the single most important factor in skiing. Use a wobble board to improve balance and build up ankle muscles. For a thorough ankle workout, rocking heel to toe is good for snowboarders and left to right is best for skiers. 

Jump around: use a mini trampoline to work all those ‘skiing’ muscles. 

Out on the slopes

Hot in here: warm up before strenuous skiing. Start off gently rather than heading first for the black runs and round the day off with a stretch. 

Time breaks, not bone breaks: overexertion will ruin your holiday – moderate the length of skiing time and listen to your body. Pain is a warning sign, don’t ignore it. 

Liquid lunch: drink plenty of water and isotonic drinks to avoid dehydration and stay clear of alcohol, tea and coffee.

That’s a wrap: make sure clothing is warm and adequate for the cold weather and don’t forget a hat and gloves. 

Carry on skiing: always be careful when carrying skis/boards. Leave them standing upright, so you don’t have to bend to pick them up. Carry them over your shoulder, swapping shoulders regularly. 

Ice, ice, baby: with an acute injury, use ice rather than heat.

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