A Vintage Tea

Taking a closer look at the vintage decor rental sector

Collectors from all over the world have been turning their passion and their collections into rental and hire businesses offering access to a wide range of antique and vintage style items to the event décor sector. This trend has been driven by the decline in the popularity of antique furniture due to changed lifestyles, the reduced purchasing power of many lovers of antique and vintage items, as well as a scarcity of items in the market.

When we refer to vintage timelines, we look back at the period in time ranging from the roaring 20s to the late 90s, and include the post-war 50s and, of course, the hippie era of the 60s and early 70s. However, some vintage collectors are also drawn to the Victorian era, the Impressionist and even the Renaissance periods as they search for interesting antiques to add to their collections. 

The rise in popularity of vintage goods has also led to the revival of traditional craftsmanship, especially in the décor business sector. We saw that trend developing seriously after the 2020 pandemic. 

As more people come to terms with the changing world of “the new normal”, many  are  being drawn nostalgically to the past, to more  comforting times. We have seen an increase in the number of small businesses in the Algarve run by artisans and craftsmen offering a wide variety of goods, ranging from vintage clothing to upcycled and repurposed furniture.

Another growing sector for the Algarve is event planning and management. Negatively affected during the pandemic when many events were cancelled as a result of various lockdowns, the events industry  is now firmly back on its feet. With this in mind, a new business offering vintage and antique rental and hire has been established. Treasure Chest Lagos  focuses on providing access to thousands of vintage items, not only to the event planning and management sector but to the general public as well.

Owner Laurinda Seabra embarked on a global search for suitable vintage items to add to her collections. During her buying sprees, she came across many interesting stories which she enjoys sharing face-to-face, in media articles, and across social media platforms. 

Laurinda also has an amazing story of her own; “When I was a young kid, I visited my granny in Lisbon regularly during the summer months. Over a period of time, I collected hundreds of postcards that she kept for me in an album. Sadly, that album disappeared more than 55 years ago, and I had given up finding it again. But during one of our buying sprees, amazingly enough, I found it on sale at an antique dealer in Évora, as hard as it is to believe.”

If you would like to see Laurinda’s beloved album, you can book a visit to the showroom in Lagos. Laurinda will more than gladly show it to you while you share a cup of tea or coffee in the private tea room and discuss the story behind each postcard.


+351 969 320 2231 


Instagram: @treasurechestlagos


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