Update on the Cadela Carlota Own-the-Land Campaign

In September 2022, the Cadela Carlota animal shelter launched its biggest challenge to date. We set out to raise enough money to buy the 1.8 hectares of land where the dog shelter is located. We needed to ensure our dogs would have a safe place to stay – forever. With the early and strong support from Tomorrow magazine, we made our plight known and turned what seemed like a daunting task into a community effort with help from countless individuals, other charities, and businesses. 

This week, we witnessed the incredible generosity of the Algarve community once more. Two of our volunteers, Terri Eley and Judite Vida Pedro, hosted a fundraising event at the Carvi Beach Hotel. The hotel, owned by the Pedro family, kindly donated the space, wine and hors d’oeuvres for the 50+ guests. The showstopper at the event was a silent auction where guests could bid on an array of items and services that were donated by individuals and businesses. All proceeds directly benefited our Own-the-Land campaign. It was an unparalleled success and, as of the time of printing, brought us over 10.000,00€ closer to the finish line. We now know that with just a bit more work, we will reach our goal of raising the needed 85.000,00€ to buy the land.

At the event, we also showcased our new logo, now including a cat and a dog, and launched a new program called Sponsor an Unadoptable Animal. At a Gold, Silver, or Bronze level, you can support those animals who will be Cadela Carlota’s forever residents due to their specific circumstances. See our website for more information. 

For their generous support at this latest fundraising event, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to the following individuals, families and businesses: Ideal Homes, Marangoni Art Gallery, Villas Key, Burgau Sports Centre, Impanema Restaurant, NYC, Mosto Wine Bar, Luca’s Restaurant, Boavista Golf, Espiche Golf, Alex Tuk Tuk Lisbon, P and J Farmer, S and M Farmer, the Roundtrees, the Andersons, the Damerons, C Waller, the Osbonds, the Eleys, S Van Der Westhuizen, D Vail, C Delany, D Crisostomo Martinez Yoga, V Candela and C Naftali.

by Konstanze Alex, a board member and treasurer at Cadela Carlota.

If you would like to donate, you can do so on our website or GoFundMe page:




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