Little Wife Lies, by Katherine Cobb

“A domestic thrill ride of love gone wrong” is the subtitle of the Kindle edition and this eight-word synopsis is brilliant; I couldn’t have said it better myself.

I devoured the book in two days; the story within is the realistic fiction type I like, containing a narrative with everything: love, sadness, passion, marriage, steamy scenes, twins, secrets, suspense, lies, cheating, deception, gossip, fire, tragedy, death, a police investigation, and neither a happy ending nor a very sad one – just like it could very well turn out in real life.

The book is like a stage play, with two protagonists on the platform: Hank and Adrienne. The other actors (Tess, Jimmy, Girl at the Bar, Shelton, Tami, Noreen, Days Inn Clerk, Grandma Betty, and the nosy neighbours – including the Kincaids, the Wilsons, and Mrs Brown, to name just a few – are part of the chorus, their bit part-purpose being to describe and comment upon the main action. This happens at the end of each chapter.

The novel contains 67 chapters, successively titled Hank, Adrienne, Hank, Adrienne … and so on. I warmly recommend it as a summer read for readers aged 18+.

About the author:

Katherine (Briganti) Cobb’s books explore love, relationships and our shared, often messy, humanity. She writes fiction (coming-of-age, chick lit, mom com, parodies), nonfiction (self-loathing, community, column stories, pandemic memoir episodes), and children’s (picture) books.

The book can be found on for €15,76 (paperback), from £0.00 (KindleUnlimited) and £3.99 (Kindle edition) up to £13.88 (paperback), or for $15.99 (paperback.)

Photo © Katherine Cobb


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