The Love of Art

In 2020, I visited the Lagos Cultural Centre to interview the fascinating Brazilian artist Maramgoni and view his unique art. I was impressed by his charismatic wife, Adriana, who acted as our translator. Having just moved to the Algarve from São Paulo she was intent on setting up a studio here. After a pandemic, she has finally achieved her goal.

Adriana has invited me to her new studio Art Inspirada. I am delighted after two years to see she has achieved her dream. “Art Inspirada means a life change for me, a career challenge and one more expression of my love for art after 20 years of continuous dedication to it.”

Adriana had an art gallery in Brazil before moving to Portugal with her son and husband. “I decided to reinvent myself and pursue some dreams, like building a new life and continuing dedicating myself to what I loved for so long: art. The gallery emerges from this mixture of emotions and transformations, from several experiences that I had inside the artistic world and from the need/want that I have to expand art and the several existing looks about it around the world.”

She is using the gallery in Lagos to champion the work of Brazilian artists she has previously worked with, but she is also looking for local artists to exhibit. I notice that all of the art on the wall demonstrate strong colours, which Adriana tells me is a feature of Brazilian artists, but all are very different in style. Adriana is proud that every painting is totally unique.

Adriana explained to me the history of artistic study, which is what has inspired her studio. “In former times, during the Renaissance, it was common for artists to have art workshops in their studios, where their students and apprentices could study and perfect their skills in the artistic craft. At that time, the works produced by these students bore the signature of their masters and the name of the “school,” such as “School of Leonardo Da Vinci”, “School of Michelangelo”, and “School of Caravaggio” – among others.

Studio Art Inspirada was inspired by this concept, with the difference that today, artists need not have anonymity but the artist will sign, whenever they wish, with the name Studio Art Inspirada, on their works.

“The idea is to build with them the opportunity to create things completely different from their original lines of work, but without disrespecting their artistic identities, being free to explore and test all their possibilities,” explains Adriana. Her intention is to provide another canvas to display artists’ works. In this way, art can be exhibited without preconceptions. 

“In my feeling, art is what pleases us. Art is what inspires us and what awakens our true emotions. It is everything that represents the freedom to be what we really are.”

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