Free Yourself from Overwhelm

In a world that emphasises staying busy and doing more, it is no wonder that many of us feel overwhelmed on a regular basis. Use these tips below to invite more calm and ease into your daily life …

Lower Your Expectations

Being organised and creating a structure to your day can increase productivity and minimise feelings of overwhelm. If your to-do list makes you feel overwhelmed, you might be expecting too much from yourself. Move non-essential jobs to another day and remember to ask loved ones for help when needed.


Are you suffering from ‘technology overwhelm’? Let go of the pressure to reply to messages and emails straight away and regularly turn your devices off, to avoid being constantly available. Schedule ‘technology-free’ days and ensure that you have a cut-off time every evening, at least one hour before you plan to go to sleep. 

Learn to Say No

How often do you say yes, when you really mean no? This is a quick way to burn out and feel overwhelmed. Understand that your time is sacred and you are allowed to say no. Release all feelings of guilt and obligation and learn to set healthy boundaries.

Slow Down

Slowing down can have a profound effect on our health and well-being. Rushing through life increases feelings of anxiety and often, it makes us less productive. Make a conscious decision to move more slowly and allow extra time to complete your daily tasks. 


Relax your body and calm your mind with meditation. Even ten minutes a day can offer you all you need to feel calm, centred and in control once again. This allows you to experience deeper clarity and overcome challenges with more confidence and ease.

Glenn Harrold is one of the world’s most successful hypnotherapists. He has helped thousands, including many celebrities, in a 20-year career and has sold over 10 million hypnosis CDs, MP3 downloads and Apps, including his Ultimate Hypnosis App.


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