Facial Yoga

While on my quest for eternal youth over the last few months, I’ve seen a momentum gathering with facial yoga. Can we really tone our muscles and lift our faces in a few movements each day? Well, I became intrigued and started to do a little bit of homework myself. 

What is facial yoga?

Face yoga targets the facial muscles by performing specific repetitive movements to each muscle, re-educating the muscle fibres, therefore toning and tightening the area. 

Although there have been few studies on this new phenomenon, many people have claimed that it can actually improve the plumpness of their skin.

Social media has released figures showing that there have been nearly two billion hits on the hashtag #facialyoga. There are even apps now that you can download, giving you your daily ten-minute workout. So, I thought, ‘Surely there has to be something in this new craze?’

As some now are taking to the new face-gurning facelift, as I like to call it, some dermatologists have reported that you should be starting at the tender age of 16 in order to see the true benefits later on, which means I’ve started 31 years too late! On the downside, some experts claim that it can, in fact, increase wrinkles because of the pulling and stretching of the skin. None of this was going to phase me, so I decided to give it a go!

I recommend using a serum or cream to avoid dragging the skin. I focused on my cheek area for two weeks and religiously did some exercises every day. I can report that after each session, I could visibly see a slight lift, which was encouraging, but by the morning, it was back to how I had been before. 

In fairness, I was warned that you should be doing this every day. But it will probably take forever to see any real long-term improvement, but a great alternative to try if fillers and Botox are not an option for you. 

Donna is a beauty therapist and qualified medical micro pigmentation specialist.



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