Is walking enough for healthy ageing?

I meet many people who tell me they don’t need a new exercise program because they regularly walk. It worries me that the message we are receiving is that walking is sufficient movement for our overall health.

If walking is currently your only form of exercise, I would like you to think about the below questions:

How does walking help with:

the strength we need to carry a heavy suitcase, move furniture at home, or lift a heavy box?

balance and agility to prevent falls and injuries? 

the flexibility we need to avoid injuries and perform our daily activities efficiently? 

improving our bone density, crucial to prevent osteoporosis?

our cardiovascular (heart) health?

the reduction of joint pain/inflammation?

Unfortunately, the answer is ‘not very much’.

In my opinion and coaching experience, walking is the minimum activity we can do. It is a great foundational practice and can, of course, help you to maintain a healthy weight. And if you power walk or hike uphill, it will also improve your cardiovascular health.

However, many clients come to me with weaknesses in other areas, despite having a regular walking practice. For instance, they may not be able to lift themselves up from the floor, easily tie shoelaces or balance on one leg. They may get puffed walking upstairs or playing with grandchildren. And when they have a fall with injuries, their bones take a long time to recover. Suppose you want to have a more holistically healthy body that can perform all the daily tasks you need with ease. In that case, I strongly encourage you to choose another form of movement, or a variety of exercises, that provide more benefits. Some examples include bodyweight training, yoga, pilates, tennis or swimming.

If you aren’t motivated to do more than walking, it may be best to find a personal coach.

Arlindo’s Way provides guidance with healthy ageing and movement with a studio in Portimão.

Our motto is ‘We can’t avoid getting older, but we don’t need to get old!” 

Arlindo is qualified in sports science and a healthy ageing movement specialist, animal flow instructor, exercise motivational coach and founder of Arlindo’s Way.

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