Post-operative Care

Living in Portugal has so many benefits, but while we are all so fortunate to be here, what happens when we need or choose to have surgery? 

Whatever the reason may be, surgery can seem daunting and often frightening. Post-operative care is a must when it comes to a healthy and successful recovery. 

I recently came across a very talented lady in her field of post-operative rehabilitation care. Her passion and enthusiasm for what she does radiate from her every pore. Her knowledge and experience are second to none. 

Silvia moved from Brazil to Portugal three years ago and regularly goes back to update her methods. She also spent some time in Italy before deciding to bring her groundbreaking techniques here to Portugal. Every patient is different and has different needs, but her ethos remains the same: to provide the best treatment with care and love. Her approach ensures a speedy recovery minimizing any risks which can be associated with surgeries. 

Silvia, who is based in Lagos at Studio Pilates 4U, is entrusted by some of the very best surgeons, such as Dr Tiago Baptista and Dr Rui Lima, who rely on her to rehabilitate their patients in order to get the maximum results from their operations.

Silvia explains that she likes to see her patients before surgery to check for allergies and to make sure their posture and body are prepared for surgery. This is so her work can begin immediately after their operation. Silvia uses specific taping methods and an abundance of machinery to minimise bruising and takes particular care in ensuring the lymphatic system flows correctly to avoid blockages, swelling and complications. She regularly attends the operations in the hospitals, so she is ready to start her magic from the minute the operation finishes.

Her gentle and calm approach totally puts you at ease and combined with her innovative methods, makes her a valuable asset to the healthcare industry.

Donna is a beauty therapist at the Kutting Room in Praia da Luz. 

Silvia can be contacted at +351 938 330 551 |


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