Soul Food – Calm within the Chaos

WORDS Chloe Ward

How many times do you wish you could press pause on life and slow down? 

We live in a society now where everything is instant, and fast-paced. It’s all about immediate results and stimulation. Gone are the days of waiting for the postman or finding a phone box to make a call.

When I am not teaching yoga or offering reiki treatments, I run a yoga festival in Southport, UK called Enchanted Fields Festival, which took place at the end of June. To say things were chaotic is an understatement. I was managing every aspect of the event alone, from the marquees to the security, to the yoga teachers, to the campsite, food vendors, musicians….you get the idea. 

My to-do list was never-ending, and just a few days before my event, I hit a wall. My body and my mind were shutting down and I knew I needed to step back and find my inner pool of calm.

Despite my ego telling me I was too busy to slow down, my intuition told me to stop. I took a deep breath (well more than one) and stepped onto my yoga mat. I moved and I breathed, I stretched and meditated until I found my calm, my stillness, my point of surrender. It wasn’t easy as I knew the lists would still be there after my practice, but I knew I could bring a clearer mind and a stronger body to the tasks ahead. 

Yoga might not be the answer for you. Maybe for you, it’s a long walk, a swim, a hot bath or meditation, you know deep down what you need, what your soul needs, and how to come back to your centre.

How often do you give yourself permission to stop and breathe? 

Life will continue to pull and push you if you let it, but we can make the choice to sit in the eye of the storm every now and again, assess, process and come back with a sense of space and clarity.

Moon Energy in August 

New Moon in Virgo – 27 August 

The perfect time to face financial fears and get financially organised. This moon also asks how you are doing and if you feel organised. If not, use this moon to get back on track.

Full Moon in Aquarius – 12 August 

Draw up a list of all you wish to leave behind this month – toxic relationship, unhappy work environment, a living situation you don’t love and if you feel comfortable to, burn the list afterwards.

Monthly affirmation

Taking a break can lead to breakthroughs

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