Book Review: I’m Not There by Rob Gittins

An excellent, perfectly structured dark murder mystery that gets the reader hooked in order to understand two mysterious, similar disappearances – one 20 years previously and the second in the present day. Is it a coincidence, or is DI Lara Arden the missing link?

Two decades ago, Lara and her sister Georgia, two little girls, were in a crowded moving train with their mother. Their mother went to the buffet trolley in the next carriage to collect some crisps and drinks and never returned. 

Back to the present day, 26-year-old Lara is now a middle-rank detective and she is called out to a similar case, except this time a little boy is left behind. Is it a curse? Do the victims have anything in common? DI Arden and her likeable coffee addict partner Jordan are going to solve this impossible case together and discover the truth behind the mystery.

I have to admit that I easily devoured the 420 pages of the book in less than three days and kept guessing until just before the last unforeseen twist. After this marathon, my only suggestion for all the crime thriller fans is: do not miss this gripping first-rate crime novel!

I’m Not There is the first book in a trilogy set on the idyllic if occasionally sinister, Isle of Wight. I have already decided to read, very soon, the sequel The Devil’s Bridge Affair, and I am curious and restlessly eager to get it.

About the author:

Yes, your guess is right: Rob Gittins the novelist, is the Rob Gittins, the award-winning British TV and radio top screenwriter and producer.

He has written for some top-rated TV dramas, including Casualty, EastEnders, Tiger Bay, Stella, Vera, Heartbeat, The Bill, The Story of Tracy Beaker and Emmerdale – to mention just a few.

As a littérateur, Mr Gittins knows exactly how to deliver an impeccable story plot, to introduce the intriguing characters to the reader, and of course, when and where to insert the most unsuspected turns of events.

If, after this wordy consideration, you still want to discover Rob Gittins’ I’m Not There, you can find it on from 0€ (KindleUnlimited) up to 12.47€ (paperback), or at Bertrand Livreiros with 11.57€ (paperback).


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