Helping the Community

We can’t wait for the upcoming 2023 John Aldridge Charity Classic! The event will take place on 15 and 16 September, and we’re thrilled to host another memorable tournament to support incredible causes in our community.

As we reflect on last year’s tournament, we’re proud to say it was an overwhelming success. Thanks to the incredible generosity of our participants and sponsors, we were able to raise a significant amount of funds to support a wide range of causes in our local community:


A donation of 2,000€ was given to NECI to support their fantastic work in helping individuals with disabilities. The donation will help to ensure that NECI can continue to provide the necessary resources and services to those who need it most, including specialised equipment, therapy and support for daily living.


A heartwarming gesture of generosity was shown by those who donated 1,500€to support the ongoing specialist treatment of a beautiful little girl. She is suffering from KAT6A, a rare gene mutation syndrome that impairs the growth and development of the brain and the central nervous system. The treatment she requires is complex and costly, but, thanks to the kindness of those who donated, she can continue receiving the care and attention that she needs.

The Soup Kitchen: 

This non-profit organisation (previously operated by the Mustard Seed) provides daily cooked meals to families in need in Lagos. We were able to donate 3,000€, which will aid them in carrying out their mission to support vulnerable families. The Soup Kitchen is more than just a place that serves food. It is a place where people can come together, build connections, and receive support in a safe and welcoming environment. The staff and volunteers at the Soup Kitchen work tirelessly to ensure that everyone who walks through their doors feels valued and cared for. Thanks to the donation, the organisation will be able to continue providing this vital service to the community, enabling families in need to access nutritious meals.

Cadela Carlota:

Cadela Carlota is a non-profit organisation that provides a shelter for abandoned cats and dogs. To ensure that they can continue their mission of rescuing these animals, they launched a fundraising campaign to raise 85,000€ to purchase the land on which their shelter is located. Thanks to the community’s generous support, they reached their goal, and we were happy to help with a 2,000€ donation. With the purchase of the land secured, Cadela Carlota can now continue to provide a safe haven for these animals and help them find loving homes.


We were able to help the CASLAS children’s home with a 500€ donation so the children were able to attend a week-long summer camp. This is an amazing opportunity for the children to learn and grow, while also having fun and making new friends. Additionally, another 1,500€ was donated to support an appeal to raise funds to repair structural issues on the roof of the CASLAS home. This will ensure that the children and staff can continue to have a safe and secure environment to live and work in. It is heartwarming to see such generosity and support for this important cause.

This year, we’re excited to continue our tradition of community support and charitable giving. We’re committed to making this year’s tournament even bigger and better than before, with more opportunities to give back and make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

I am grateful to be able to help those who need it most in the Lagos and Luz area. As a frequent visitor, it warms my heart to see firsthand the impact that the money we raise has on these amazing causes. Here’s to another great event this year, and let’s hope we can raise even more money to help the community. YNWA

John Aldridge

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