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Progress, Pickleball and a No-Brainer



Firstly, an update on the project for the youth home reported in Tomorrow’s March edition. While not yet completed, the transformation at the children’s home in Lagos, Casa de Acolhimento Nossa Senhora do Carmo, is remarkable. The dour, threadbare space is gone, replaced by freshly painted walls, much-needed electrical works, a completed study space, and a kitchen well underway. A clean, fresh, modern environment is evolving. All I can say is well done!

There’s still much to do, and the need for funds persists. The next priorities are the laundry room and dining room floor, with talk of a volunteer day to tackle both. As always, the Tomorrow community has responded with donations and fun fundraising ideas. A sponsored walk in Aljezur is planned for March, and a pickleball tournament is scheduled for April. Pickleball? If you’ve just grasped the concept of padel, another racket sport has arrived with gusto in Lagos.

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I spoke with Kelly from the Lagos Pickleball Club, who, while giving me a brief history of pickleball, said, “It’s when tennis, ping pong, and badminton have a baby.” Played on a smaller court with a low net, it involves solid paddles hitting a perforated plastic ball over the net. The objective is to score points by landing the ball in the opponent’s court without letting it bounce more than once. Pickleball is accessible to all ages; from what Kelly says, it’s highly addictive!

Kelly discusses the club’s decision to dedicate their first-ever charity event to Casa de Acolhimento Nossa Senhora do Carmo. A tournament is planned for 21 April, starting at 11 am to 2 pm. A €30 entry per player is paid at the court when you arrive, which covers court fees and food (beer, wine, and soda are for purchase separately). There will be sponsors and vendor booths too! This event is sure to be fun for spectators and players alike. So, if you fancy going along to show support and learn more about pickleball, 21 April is the perfect day. 

The club is also hoping to start a project to offer free pickleball lessons and sessions to the children of Casa de Acolhimento Nossa Senhora do Carmo and others in the local area using a pay-it-forward scheme and volunteers.

From Casa de Acolhimento Nossa Senhora do Carmo, thank you to all who have contributed and to all who will in the future.

Lagos Pickleball Club @ Lagos Tenis Center

Kelly Maciuba

+351 914 419 913

+309 287 3858 (WhatsApp)

A no-brainer

Finally, I am giving a shout-out to the community for help for those who help us. For anyone living in Portugal, the Bombeiros need no introduction. Yearly, we witness heroics as yet another fire rages across the country. However, the Bombeiros in Portugal (many of whom are volunteers) also provide vital support to the local community through community outreach programs, education, search and rescue, and emergency medical assistance.

It comes as no surprise that they are underfunded – what public service isn’t these days? And so, those whose sole purpose is to help us sometimes need to turn to us for help. Giving money to the Bombeiros, in general, is a no-brainer, and a donation given today could go towards saving you or a loved one in the future.

Messines Bombeiros have a goal in sight: a new multiple-transport ambulance to transport patients undergoing regular hospital treatments, hemodialysis, or physiotherapy. When you spend your hours helping so many in need daily, you need to be in tip-top shape. Ambulances, like any other vehicles, get old and need to be replaced; this is the case in Messines.

Giving to the Bombeiros is like donating to a big community insurance pot. After all, none of us knows when the fickle fingers of fate will find us dialing 112.

Like I said, a no-brainer!


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