Giving to the Community

After the successful John Aldridge Charity Golf Classic in September, we were thrilled to invite the beneficiaries of the funds raised to Boavista Golf Resort. They had the opportunity to meet John and receive their donations.

With this year’s funds, John has generously supported the following causes:

Mustard Seed – 5000€ will greatly assist families and individuals in need in the local community and contribute towards Mustard Seed continuing with its amazing work.

CASLAS  – 5000€, which will contribute to the ongoing maintenance of the children’s home and ensure a joyful and happy Christmas for all residents.

Lagos Bombeiros  – 5000€ will be used to replenish essential supplies and acquire mobile defibrillators for medical emergencies, potentially saving lives.

NECI  – Additional donations will be made to NECI, who were not able to attend the meeting at Boavista. John plans to visit the centre during his next trip to Portugal and donate 5000€ to support the staff’s admirable efforts in improving the quality of life for people with disabilities.

The remaining funds will be utilised throughout 2024 to support more deserving causes leading up to the next event.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to John on behalf of Tomorrow magazine and TACT charity for his ongoing support of the local community and his hard work in raising funds for these worthwhile causes. As John says, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”


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