The First Friday Concept

Marlo Furniture store has come up with an innovative concept to promote sales and initiate cross-marketing, which will begin in February.

The brain-child of Marlo’s Sales Director, Judy Giordano, the aim is to bring more people to this business district and encourage interest and awareness in the area. Called the First Friday Concept, on the first Friday of each month or each quarter, shops in the Dunas business corridor will stay open late to host a special event or open house to generate interest, promote sales and engage in cross-marketing. 

Special events might include guest speakers, art exhibitions, live entertainment, dance/yoga classes or special offers. The events can be staggered each month or quarter, so there will be a main event while other shops will host open houses. Serving wine or coffee and refreshments is a sure way to boost attendance. It is hoped that this activity will generate more foot traffic and business in the Dunas Business Corridor near the Marina in Lagos. The events will also build stronger relationships between business neighbours and the community. Potential participants include Pilates Room, Live Algarve, Mimosa Properties, Peking II, Chainlight Lighting Systems, Lusco Fusco Concepts, Classy Orchid, Fit In Studio, Go Mini Market, Mythos, Seewest Properties and Emotion Vinil. 

Kicking off the series of events, Marlo Furniture is hosting an art exhibition by Elizabeth Mayston. Originally from South Africa and now residing in Monchique, her love of the outdoors and zest for nature has been a constant source of inspiration to her and has translated into her multidisciplinary portfolio. Elizabeth will be meeting guests and talking about her work and the inspiration she takes from the natural landscape around her.

All interested participants can contact Judy to sign up to host a special event. Judy will coordinate a calendar and graphic to be used for marketing. Once the calendar is established, the event will be posted on all social media platforms and submitted to the Lagos Municipal website. Printed brochures will also be hung in shop windows as well. 

Meet the Artist: Elizabeth Mayston

2 February 4 pm – 8 pm

Open to all and refreshments will be served.

+351 928 138 579


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