Save with Sodexo

If you are employed in Portugal or run your own business, did you know that there is a way of spending your meal allowance benefits with a handy card that is accepted in most supermarkets and many restaurants?

The meal allowance is an important social benefit in Portugal. Every employee is allocated an amount per day to buy lunch while in the workplace. Your employer will generally add this amount to your salary.

However, by allocating the meal allowance through a meal pass, companies and employees can enjoy maximum tax efficiency compared to paying in cash. The meal pass card is the best way to receive meal allowance, with tax benefits for companies and employees, providing greater purchasing power and additional advantages.

Although there are a number of companies in this market, I was recommended Sodexo, which has more than 30,000 establishments throughout the country and is accepted on the main meal and food ordering platforms. The Sodexo Partner Network is growing all the time.

How Does It Work

The company registers with Sodexo (or another meal pass scheme) and lists its employees and their NIF numbers

The employer orders a card for each employee for a small payment

The employees receive a card and pin by post

Once the company’s registration is accepted, the employer logs into the portal each month and generates an invoice for each employee responding to the amount of meal allowance they are entitled to

The company pays the invoice by transfer and the employee’s cards are automatically loaded 

You use the meal pass as you would a normal cash card when you pay at supermarkets or in restaurants with the card and pin. Every little helps!


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