Lama Dorje

I recently had a life-changing encounter with Tibetan Lama Dorje in Costa Rica. This unexpected meeting was deeply transforming for me and I am excited that he accepted my invitation and agreed to visit the Algarve in October for a series of lectures and workshops.

By Ania Purdy

I went to the mountain retreat in Costa Rica run by Lama Dorje with my two children (12 and two) and, despite the strong heat and simple living conditions, we returned surprisingly totally recharged. Lama Dorje conveys a powerful energy for the joy of life. Although steeped in Buddhist philosophy, he provides a lot of practical knowledge which can be applied in everyday life. Even children as young as mine were mesmerised by his charisma.

Drupon Lama Dorje was born in the small village of Limi in a nomadic community of the Himalayan region. At the age of five, he decided to become a monk in the Drikung Kagyu lineage and later went into solitary retreat for four years in the mountains of India, where he trained deeply in the five-fold path of Mahamudra, Dzogchen and the Six Yogas of Naropa. 

Directly after the retreat, his teachers assigned him to live in Chile to expand the teachings of awakening human potential. Over the past ten years, Lama Dorje dedicated his life to sharing these important teachings throughout the world through diverse events, seminars, courses and retreats, music albums, books, and sacred journeys in India and Nepal. He has a unique, down to earth, charismatic teaching style which he directly transmits through Spanish (he is accompanied by an English translator).

Travelling the world, Drupon Lama Dorje skillfully teaches Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy of Life while also advocating topics such as environmental regeneration, intercultural unity, resilient education, and much more.

Lama Dorje’s mission is to awaken the happiness of all beings, unite all cultures in global peace, and regenerate our home, the Earth, by expanding the altruistic actions of unconditional love, compassion, joy, and equanimity for the sake of all that live.

With so much going on in the world today, we are honoured that Drupon Lama Dorje will be bringing such heart-warming teachings to share in the Algarve in the month of October.

3 October: Chod – Tibetan Sound Healing: Karuna Retreat Center, near Caldas de Monchique Contact: Anna 912 221 857

8 October: Inner Education: Aljezur International School

9 October: Bend it like Buddha, Yoga Studio Portimão  Contact: 966 150 073

10 October: Cultivating Wisdom & Happiness Through Challenge: InLight Yoga, Lagos Contact: Asa 912 670 527

12 October: Dharma Tea Talk: AgniWay, Lagos Contact: Agni 0048 668 314869, 920 581 070

16 October: Shamata Meditation Workshop, Lagos  Contact: AgniWay,

17 October: Medicine Buddha Empowerment: InLight Yoga Contact: Asa 912 670 527

29-31 October: Green Tara Empowerment Retreat, three days of teachings and practices Contact: Agni 0048 668 314869, 920 581 070

For a private consultation with Lama Dorje, please contact Ania Purdy 920 265 137.

Did you know…

Lama (meaning ‘superior one’) is a spiritual leaderin Tibetan Buddhism. Originally used to translate “guru” (‘venerable one’ in Sanskrit) and thus applicable only to heads of monasteries or great teachers, the term is now extended out of courtesy to any respected monk or priest.


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