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Breathe into 2023

We all breathe every moment of every day, but how often do we breathe deeply, really deeply? Close your eyes now, soften your shoulders, breathe into your nose, hold softly; now gently release from your mouth. Breathwork goes much deeper than this and will guide you through breathing in a very different way than you might be familiar with. 

Since completing my Breathwork facilitator course, I have received the most incredible responses to Breathwork. From people that love the practice to those that would rather do anything BUT breath work (I am being polite here).

Why do it? There are many benefits to a deep breath work session; here are a few. 

  • Deep emotional release 
  • Elated and positive feelings 
  • Sense of peace 
  • Fast track to meditation (or switching your head off) 
  • A strong core (that might be the winner for you) 

How might you feel during? And these soon reside the more you practice and the benefits hugely outweigh these initial feelings.

  • Dizzy
  • Pins and needles 
  • Uncomfortable 
  • Emotional 

During your session, your teacher will explain what will happen and how you might feel. You will then lie down and begin your guided breath work. The breath work itself is a relatively short part of the practice, you will then rest in meditation or stillness to allow yourself to connect back to your body (or regain feeling). Until you try it, you won’t experience absolute surrender and the meditation or rest afterwards is just blissful. 

Moon Magic for January 2023

Full Moon in Cancer 6 January 

Fill a glass of water, speak into it all that you wish to leave behind in 2022, pour it away and say “So long, goodbye and thank you for the lessons”. 

Super New Moon in Aquarius 21 January 

Very powerful moon, plus a super moon great time to reaffirm your intention for 2023. Push yourself, just do it, go for it, because actually, you CAN do what you dream of.


My big, beautiful goal for 2023 is…


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