The Adventures of Nick Trevelyan

Luz resident David S. Jones, who created the hugely popular children’s cartoon character, Fireman Sam, is offering Tomorrow readers a way of passing some entertaining hours in lockdown.

David has recently turned his creative ability to writing modern fiction. “We all have to do things that will occupy our minds during this difficult period, reading is very good therapy and this is my contribution.”

He is making his new novel, a James Bond-style romp, available free of charge to whoever might be interested, before offering it to a publisher. Here is the short synopsis of the novel which can be downloaded from the Tomorrow website. David asks if you enjoy it you make a donation to T.A.C.T for their food vouchers initiative which is donating food to the needy during the coronavirus crisis.

Move over James Bond Nick Trevelyan and Nimrod have arrived.

Nick Trevelyan found himself in MI6 as a newly recruited agent. He had been enlisted in a no option deal, having been discovered committing a perfect crime that had made him extremely wealthy. But Nick was no ordinary agent, he was fit, good looking and intelligent but had a very special hidden talent which was to prove to be extremely useful when the tension was high.

He teams up with three other agents who work together as a specialist squad. “Nimrod.” Their adventures together culminate in fighting terrorist gangs, crime lords and highly trained assassins. But it is not all aggression for Nick, as along the way he encounters beautiful women.

Trevelyan#2 Nimrod is a combination of David´s earlier novels Halo Around The Moon and Trevelyan#1 and are available on Amazon and Kindle.

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