Body Sculpting

Refining Your Physique with Precision and Grace

Stubborn localised fat often drives patients to the plastic surgeon to perform liposuction. There are several techniques available to accomplish it; however, throughout the years, the evolution of medical science has brought technological advancements that, along with experience and personal development, mean we can now achieve the best outcomes.

Bodysculpting® represents the pinnacle of medical advancement in achieving a sculpted physique. This treatment offers three tiers of definition, which need to be meticulously assessed during consultations with a skilled plastic surgeon. 

  • Slim
  • Fit
  • Extreme

Elevating Personal Transformation:

Bodysculpting® allows us to sculpt the body, banishing unwanted fat deposits and enhancing your natural contours without resorting to invasive techniques. This can have a profound impact on the patients’ self-esteem and confidence.

Personalisation as Key:

Recognising the uniqueness of each individual, Bodysculpting® prioritises personalised care. Through minimal incisions, we tailor outcomes to align with each patient’s realistic aspirations. Whether addressing the abdomen or arms, every area receives precise attention, resulting in a seamless and natural body contour.

The Advantages:

Many individuals struggle with stubborn areas resistant to traditional methods; Bodysculpting® effectively addresses these concerns, delivering a sculpted and toned silhouette with the removal of fat.

Furthermore, expedited recovery is a notable advantage. With less invasive techniques, most patients resume normal activities within a brief timeframe. Witnessing patients reclaim their lives with newfound confidence post-surgery is profoundly rewarding.

Dr Tiago Baptista Fernandes is a Plastic Surgeon and Clinical Director of Up Clinic

Consultations with the Up Clinic team are available in the Algarve through the HPA Group in Vilamoura, Alvor and Faro.


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