Reserva da Luz: Premium Coastal Living

Near the picturesque village of Praia da Luz on the stunning western Algarve coast sits a hidden gem called Reserva da Luz. 

The project is home to elevated, south-facing plots allowing for the creation of bespoke homes that capture the commanding panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean in one of the most beautiful and authentic regions in Portugal. 

Praia da Luz, which is within walking distance of Reserva da Luz, boasts a range of shops, restaurants, and all the essential amenities, including supermarkets and medical clinics, making this area the perfect base to explore the delights of the wider region, including the natural beauty, local cuisine and world-renowned golf courses. 

According to the chairman of DDM & Reserva da Luz, Gerry Fagan, the site is a dream come true to manage. Since taking over the project in late 2022, Gerry and his team have already sold 14 plots, one of which is his own slice of custom heaven. “I’ve been on the go and developing in the Algarve for over 25 years and I came across Reserva da Luz when I started as part of our quest in the region. My first impression was that it stood out as being exceptional in terms of what I’d seen along the coast. Strangely, this particular project hasn’t lost its charm in all these years. Planning so close to the ocean is a rarity in Portugal and these 38 plots are gaining serious attention from young families, digital nomads, retirees and remote workers, to name a few.” 

The site’s large plots all have ocean views and range from 1,450 to 2,950 square metres. This allows for spacious 300–400 square-metre homes across one or two floors, excluding basement and garage areas. The plots are competitively priced from 600,000€ to 780,000€. 

According to Gerry, the current clients are in no way controlled by interest rates and inflation, and tend to have the financial situation to enjoy this calibre of dream home. He observes that their demographic prefers to shy away from ostentatious behaviour in favour of supporting local Portuguese businesses and keeping a low profile while out and about. Previously these clients leaned toward places like Quinta do Lago but are now increasingly setting their sights on Reserva da Luz for its natural surroundings and the area’s authenticity. 

In line with the group’s aim to deliver breathtaking homes, a team of experienced service providers and qualified constructors are on hand to transform plot owners’ dreams into reality with significantly lower restrictions on the final product than in other areas. 

Gerry says, “Rather than handing people what we think they want, we provide the plots to let people design and construct exactly what they want. It’s all down to the client who we assist with our spectacular turnkey team. The local Portuguese team comprises of architects, project managers, and constructors who guide clients through local customs, laws, and planning regimes.” 

Based in nearby Lagos, Vitor Vilhena Arquitectura is taking on architectural planning through their team of incredible architects who have delivered a significant portfolio of work across Portugal. Once ready to build, the experienced construction team at MAE will use their 20 years of experience in the construction world to realise clients’ wish lists thanks to lead contractors Ricardo Antunes and António Guimarães. The Reserva da Luz turnkey team will be managed by the project manager, Rui Mateus, who will oversee the process from start to finish. Rui has managed several projects worldwide, namely in the US, Russia, Denmark, Cape Verde, Ireland, Italy, and in Portugal. Thanks to his innate understanding of sustainability, legal and applicable rules, and technology regarding the planning, licensing, and construction phase, Rui has proved himself time and again to ease any and all stresses that tend to occur with these processes.

For more information on plot availability or to plan a visit, contact the team at Reserva da Luz and get ready to transform your dreams into a reality.

+351 967 336 914


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