Welcome to my Wonderland – Fashion Show

On Saturday, 20th of November, Sarah-Louise Koessler shared her incredible creations at Fortaleza da Luz. We reached out to the fashion designer to know more about the event.

Why the theme “Welcome to my Wonderland“?

The collection is entitled “Welcome to my Wonderland” as it was my first official collection after graduating. It is a glimpse into my creative world of Couture Fantasy. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland and fantastical worlds where anything is possible. 

How was the fashion show?

The Fashion Show went very well despite the rain and storms that were against us haha… People seemed very happy and left with stars in their eyes from all the crystals that Swarovski sponsored me with. I am very grateful to the owner of Fortaleza da Luz who opened his doors to me and let me use his space to host my event. He was also very supportive in helping me organise everything and set up the room etc. I would also like to mention Luis Ledo from Mar d’Estorias who was my biggest sponsor and was very eager to help straight away!  It really was a challenge for me to find people interested in sponsoring me but I am very glad with the sponsors I have!  This event was invite-only but as there has been a lot of interest from people I would love to make my next event open to the public. 

What are your plans for the future?

I will now be promoting this collection and in the coming week, I will be releasing new Ready-To-Wear pieces on my online shop. I will continue to collaborate with local creatives to make beautiful content to promote my Couture made to measure services. 

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We interviewed Sarah-Louise a year ago, for the November 2020 edition. Read Design your Future.


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