New Art Hub

The TEIAS Artísticas Association has just opened its store to the general public, providing a unique opportunity for visitors to explore and appreciate the works of talented local artists. Tomorrow sent Tom Henshaw to the opening to learn more about this new showcase for artistic expression.

TEIAS is a collaboration of independent local makers who have been for years turning
their ideas into objects, searching in the culture and in the landscape of the Algarve for inspiration and materials, then creating artwork in a sustainable way.

After years of making, selling in markets, organising events together and exchanging skills and motivation, they now formally join as an association with a shared space in the old town of Lagos.

The opening was busy, and everyone was enthusiastic about the new initiative. 

The hub also serves as a meeting point for those wishing to immerse themselves in the world of local handcrafted goods. Whether to discover a new piece for your home or to find the perfect gift for a loved one, the TEIAS store is a must-visit destination for original handmade pieces.

Visitors to TEIAS will always be greeted by one of the makers operating the space. While
there, they can explore the work of each maker, learn about the different artistic processes, and find unique objects to take home. In the future, TEIAS will be hosting a diverse range of artisanal workshops.

R. António Crisógno dos Santos 31, Lagos

Instagram and Facebook @teias.lagos


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