Bespoke support to Expats – from mental health to social inclusion

Moving abroad is typically a hope-based decision in search of a better, more meaningful and prosperous life. However, a significant percentage of individuals and families end up facing unexpected challenges (personal, family, social, professional or financial) that can affect their lives at different levels. 

Often, the change in lifestyle does not go as planned, but that does not necessarily mean that the issue cannot be resolved. 

During the past two decades, the expat community has increased significantly in Algarve, with a proportional increase of new nationalities. The region slowly started to respond to new social needs, but it was clear that the expat community was lacking centralised, close and diversified support to help them to overcome challenges and receive guidance in different areas.   

The CARMA project recently opened its doors in Faro (Montenegro). It aims to provide diversified and inclusive support to all citizens, with a wide range of services at your disposal, from psychiatry, psychology and holistic therapies to a special initiative entirely dedicated to the expat community (youth, adults, families), providing tailor-made advisory, representation, life-coaching and social inclusion activities. 

The expat team is fluent in four languages (Portuguese, English, French and Spanish), and has vast international experience and a strong knowledge of key cultural differences. 

If you need support, do not hesitate to contact CARMA.

Remember: pain and struggle are the most important ingredients of growth, happiness and fulfilment!  

+351 918 529 000 (expat initiative)

+351 934 111 745 (general number)


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