My Journey to 5.5

I wanted to set some golf goals since I started playing regularly again last April. I had a handicap of 15.2 then and a goal to get to single figures by this April. 

I am now 9.8 (with help from my swing coach, Darren). I then decided that as I will be 55 in August 2023, I would aim for a handicap of 5.5. To put it in perspective, less than 1.5% of women get to a handicap of 5 or less. The average is 26.5!

During the next 16 months, I will share my journey with you. One of the things I like about this challenge is that it encompasses all areas of my work. It is not just about playing golf. There are lots of other factors involved. I am hoping that those who don’t play golf will also gain something from my journey and find things that you can apply to your sport or day to day life. 

There are six areas that I will focus on: 

Fitness: Mobility, Strength, Power

Golf Swing: Putting and Short Game

Mental Side: Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork

Playing: Practice, Playing competitive golf, Course Management 

Nutrition: Both on and off the course

This is no different to how we should approach our general health and well-being. With the exception of the technical side of golf, the rest are all areas that we should be working on. 

I hope that by sharing my journey, I can show how it is incorporated into my life. Hopefully, you can find ways to do the same!




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