Green Vibe 

The founder of Green Vibe, Marta Chan, took a degree in Education and Community Intervention, which gave her the basis to get out of the box and look at our planet in a different way.

It was only after she went travelling that she realised the extent of the problem. “I was walking around Lake Attitlan in Guatemala and came across huge piles of plastic. I couldn’t believe my eyes! After my travels I felt I should take up this cause tooth and nail. It was no longer enough just to talk to my friends about the wonders of the menstrual cup or the benefits of reusing a stainless steel bottle.”

She started the Green Vibe online store sourcing items that enable a greener, more sustainable and happier life, based on the philosophy of zero waste. She also started making her own items, like reusable sanitary pads and face cleaning wipes. One item that caught my attention was the bamboo re-usable cutlery set, wrapped in her own, hand-made recycled bags, so you can take them with you wherever you go.

Her other project is the Green Vibe Mercado de Trocas (swap market), where you can take clothes, shoes, accessories or books in good condition that you used once and never used again, and swap these items for zero cost. The main goal of the Swap Market is to encourage sustainable consumption, by extending the life of products and avoiding the production and acquisition of new ones.

“The Green Vibe is not a goal but a journey in which we walk together towards a greener planet.”

The next Swap Market is in Loulé on Saturday 12 November from 3 pm – 6pm

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