Tom’s Tastebuds – Jacaranda

We sent our media mogul Tom Henshaw, to Jacaranda’s new season opening. Tom’s tastebuds were watering over the incredible menu owner Katie Bird and executive chef Hugo Ferreira have devised. Tom put his diet on hold once more to give his opinion on the offerings. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!

I felt fortunate to be invited to a tasting and testing of the new menu creations from Katie and her very professional team at Jacaranda. Katie, who moved to Praia da Luz in December 2022, has an impressive résumé. She previously managed the Village Pub in Barnsley in the Cotswolds, where she welcomed Jamie Oliver, Stanley Tucci and Zara Phillips, amongst other celebs who would pop in.

Whilst her new restaurant in Praia da Luz is a stylish place to enjoy good food, it is also very relaxing as the team makes the whole process of good service seemingly effortless, which we all know makes for a successful event.

If the selection offered on the opening night is anything to go by, everyone will be clamouring to get a booking. Asian duck with fresh country salad, combined perfectly with a spicy Asian dressing, gives a fresh-tasting dish which is sure to appeal in the warmer months. With many now following a vegan diet, the Moroccan sharing board with zaalouk, beetroot hummus, quinoa tabbouleh, grilled baby carrots, peppers and roasted bread will be a popular choice. A Thai monkfish and prawn curry with aromatic duck rice offers a tasty fusion of Asian flavours. I also sampled the Steak Tartar, a hard dish to perfect, but it was just perfect. 

The evening was a delicious success and Katie reflected, “I think people appreciate our new direction; it’s a fusion of Asian, Portuguese and Italian and a bit different to anything else that is currently on offer in this area.”

Well done all round.

Booking essential 282 105 177

Closed Wednesdays


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