In Loving Memory

The Tomorrow team were very sad this month to learn of the passing of our former editor and contributor, Jeff Morgan.

Jeff was born on 24 February 1965 in Dorset, England. The family moved around a lot, first to Surrey, then to Sussex and Kent, but remained hugely into sailing, a passion that Jeff shared. They raced 18-ft catamarans called Darts and Jeff became a very good sailor. He was taken on as crew by a Dutchman, who was formerly the world speed ice champion, and Jeff competed in the EU championships in Holland.

Jeff was able to continue sailing when he joined the army at 17. He served for four years, during which time he was attached to the army’s sailing team, where he trained others in the military to sail.

On leaving the army, he went to Florida, where he started to write about sailing and started a TV channel focusing on the sport, which kick-started his journalism career. At the Star Bacardi Cup Regatta in Miami, Florida, Jeff became friends with one of the Bacardi family, who flew him all over the world to write about events.

After the US property crash, Jeff returned to the UK, but when his father Richard, who was living in the Algarve, became ill with cancer, he moved to be near him and became editor of Tomorrow. I had the privilege to work with him as a features editor; he was inspiring to work with and very wise. He was a conspiracy theory devotee and never believed anything the government told us – he believed “just follow the money trail”. In these WOKE times, it got him into trouble, but I never held that against him – he was a good soul.

He was forced to step down as editor after suffering from ill health due to respiratory problems, which led to him collapsing and being admitted to hospital. He has fought the condition for the last few years, but it is believed to have brought about his untimely death.

His father, Richard, has been left devastated. “He was always a good boy, very caring and he never spoke badly of anyone. He was a good journalist, despite never doing formal exams, with an amazing ability to research topics. He even once tracked down the origins of a bird when its feather landed in my garden. He was really remarkable.”

Jeff was particularly fond of his green scooter, which he used to get about Lagos. Jeff’s brother, who has a motorbike museum, is going to display the item in tribute to him.

Jeff has been repatriated to the UK. His funeral will take place on 3 March in Southampton.


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