Lagos Getting Back to Business

More than two months after the first local prevention measures to reduce the risk of spreading the Coronavirus, last week the Lagos City Council laid out the new measures following the change in the state of emergency to the situation of calamity.

In its 6th Communiqué public, they identified the first set of measures to restore municipal activity, aiming at the return to possible normality.

This communiqué revokes all the previously announced determinations and sets out the measures that came into effect on Monday, May 18th.

The services of the Citizen’s Office, Citizen’s Space, Espaço Empresa and CLAIM, reopen to the public at the usual time, preferably for appointments with prior appointment (by phone or email), in order to avoid large human gatherings. They recommend remote services whenever possible. The Municipal Archive (Porta da Vila) also reopens for appointments. Strict security/access and consultation rules will apply to all spaces.

Cultural, recreational and sports facilities are back in action, in this first phase with the reopening of the Municipal Library and Reading Poles, the Lagos Cultural Center (in the exhibition section), the Youth Space and the sports facilities managed by LAGOS-EM- FORMA (under conditions to be assessed on a case-by-case basis, according to DGS guidelines/recommendations).

Perhaps one of the most visually expressive measures of this return to normality will be.
The re-opening of the public road with terraces and licensed exhibitors, accompanying the reopening of restaurants and other establishments. The regular opening hours of the Avenida and Santo Amaro markets will resume.

Ordinary meetings of the Municipality of Lagos are once again accessible to the public, although subject to strict security rules, applicable to most services.

The ADADA buses circulate again on the red, blue, turquoise and grey lines, which have been suspended since March, and the parking facilities of the Frente Ribeirinha, Anel Verde and ZEDL (parking area).

In view of the need to restore normality as possible, but ensuring compliance with all the guidelines of the General Health Directorate, which recommend common sense in this process, the Chamber decided to maintain, for the time being, the suspension of operation of the following equipment and activities:

  • Cultural, sports and curriculum enrichment activities;
  • Transport by city buses for cultural, sporting and extracurricular school activities;
  • Flea Markets, Monthly Market, Marcado de Levante and Viv ’Ó Mercado (it is anticipated that the latter two can be resumed during the month of June);
  • Occupation of the public road in terms of street vending, including artisans and painters (with a foreseeable restart during the month of June);
  • Street entertainment (with possible resumption during the month of June);
  • Playgrounds, healthy parks, playgrounds and picnic and leisure parks;
  • Public toilets.

Museum equipment will also remain closed to the public (expected to reopen in June), toy libraries, the Documentation Center of the Municipal Museum Dr. José Formosinho, the Former Paços do Concelho, the Municipal Photo Library and the Municipal Kennel Lagos, the latter being contactable by telephone for urgent situations and adoptions.

The municipality appeals to the understanding and civic sense of all so that the recommendations issued by the security and public health authorities are strictly followed. As of May 18, access will only be allowed in accordance with the established in article 13º – B, of Decree-Law nº 20/2020, with mandatory use of a mask.


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