Readers Letters – June’22

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Alvor Bay

Alvor awakens in the morning dew

As rays play hide and seek across the way.

The village is inviting, reflecting the Algarvean hue

With its Misericordia church of white, yellow and grey,

Watching over the harbour of Alvor bay.

The hot sun pulsates against my flesh,

Dolphins jump high in the Atlantic spray.

Waves curl on the beaches with a gentle caress,

A windsurfer in-flight merrily calls out to say, 

‘Let’s play on the waves of Alvor bay!’

At night the fisherman depart from where they moored

In wooden boats of white that bob and sway,

Filling their nets from deep blue shores

With dourada, sea bass and sardines caught in the morning ray,

To grace the festive tables tonight in Alvor bay.

A red-hooded rooster crows briskly on yonder fence,

Sheep bleat to each other – Gato’s meow in play,

In the distant hounds voices loudly commence

Barking in unison – they answer and say,

‘What sounds can we hear in Alvor bay?’

The village market bustles with produce they grew,

The Portuguese happily chat in the bright light of day

Music plays invitingly from bars, restaurants and cafes too,

We sip our vinho verde – lineup and shout – hey!

‘Let’s dance until dawn in Alvor bay!’

Good Afternoon Mrs Sadler,

I had the pleasure of meeting Tom Henshaw today at the railway station. I will get to the reason why in a few words.

My husband and I moved to Lagos on 5 December, 2021, from a golfing community in Central Florida, U.S. called The Villages. It was only fitting that we fell in love with another golfing community – Boavista.

We purchased a well-furnished condo. It was so well furnished that it even came with several Tomorrow magazines. My husband and I receive all our information digitally so we set the editions aside.

A couple of months later I decided to pick up one of the magazines. I believe it was September or October 2021. I told my husband that he needed to read one of these because there was so much valuable information inside. One morning my husband had a medical emergency. We remembered seeing a block ad for Luz Doc in one of the magazines. We called the number listed and Luz Doc was able to assist. Glad we saw the ad.

Anyway, back to Tom. I was not able to get April’s hard copy so I accessed the digital version. For whatever reason, I wanted the hard copy. Since this was already May 1st there was none available. I decided to send an email to the publication to find out if I could obtain one. The same day I received a response from Phil who turned me over to Tom. Tom responded immediately and met me at the train station the next day to give me my April edition and May’s. First, I did not expect to get the April edition and certainly did not think that it would be hand-carried to me in person from the most delightful, smiling face.

(Tom sorry I could not join you for coffee)

Thank You to All and can’t wait to read the next issue.


Good Morning,

I was in Lagos for three months last year and returned again this year. My family are now visiting from Canada and I picked up this small flyer for a tour. We were so impressed and I learned so much about Lagos’s history.

The guide Ligio is friendly and has a degree in history and was very knowledgeable, including humour in his tour. He also offered great tips on things to do and where to eat in Lagos and surrounding areas. He shared photos of the changes Lagos has gone through with a book of old pictures. He also had amazing knowledge and interpretation of the local street art.

We have now stayed in Lagos for six months and I have a new perspective of what Lagos has endured complimenting its natural beauty. Ligio Salves is certainly a hidden gem offering free walking tours. We are certainly pleased that we met him.

+351 919 238 799


Lorraine Casselman


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