Women of the West Coast

The western Algarve is known for its bounty of talented musicians and artists, and those familiar with the local scene may have come across the soulful voice of Anisha, also known as Anisha Melody. With a stunning new video and single, Women of the West Coast, Anisha is establishing her place as a unique singer and songwriter. 

Although Anisha was born close to Lagos in the Algarve, she considers herself to be a blend of several nationalities, with family in England and much of her time growing up spent in India, a country she still visits frequently. “Growing up surrounded by different nationalities has given me a unique outlook on life, as well as musical inspiration from a variety of styles. I feel, in our modern world, we are breaking down the barriers of nationalities and cultures. To me, this is what makes Portugal so beautiful.” 

Anisha began playing the guitar and singing at a very young age, and some of her earliest memories are of congregating around campfires with her uncles and aunts, dancing and singing until the early hours. She also began writing songs in early childhood. “I started singing from day one and used to write about anything that was happening in my life, from bad days at school to holidays and relationships, anything that I was feeling at the time!” As Anisha got older, she began to perform around local venues and festivals in the Algarve, playing a mixture of original material and covers. 

In 2018, Anisha moved back to the UK and began taking her songwriting and recording to a new level. She also discovered that her craft was incredibly therapeutic. “After a breakup from my first relationship, I locked myself away, developing my songs and experiencing a time of personal growth. Songwriting became therapy for me, I found I could express my emotions through music and lyrics, so I could better understand my feelings and move forward.” Anisha wrote and recorded some of her own material through this time and featured on tracks such as TV Ecstatic, which can be found on all streaming platforms. 

Anisha has just released a compelling and dynamic new single, Women of the West Coast, which is an ode to her community of friends and neighbours here in the Algarve. “I am thankful to all the women throughout my life, single women who support each other as a community. I remember watching these women dance by a fire one evening, alone yet finding strength in each other, and this inspired me to write Women of the West Coast as a celebration and thank you to these role models.” While the first verse acknowledges the women in her life, the second is a thank you to the men who have stood alongside her and have been father and brother figures, with poignant lyrics such as ‘Oh Brother, will you hold us in our tune’. 

Musically, Women of the West Coast is a soulful and powerful ballad, incorporating instruments from all over the world, including African and Indian drums and even whale sounds! The song was released in early 2023 alongside a visually stunning music video directed by Julian Schupp. The video is set on the rolling cliffs of the Algarve and features many of the women and men who inspired the song. You can find this on YouTube and hear the song on Spotify and all other streaming platforms. 

Anisha has recently embarked on a journey from the Algarve to Porto, then Paris, and back to the UK, where she will spend some time in Brighton. She will perform several gigs while travelling and will continue to work on her original compositions. Once back in the UK, Anisha will record and produce more songs with longtime collaborator Guy Dagul and hopes to put together a band to develop her live performances. 

Anisha’s next single, Reason to Life, is a ballad fusing Indian and British sounds and will be released later in 2023. 



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