Sound bath with Olivier

I spoke to Olivier Maxted, who recently moved to Alvor, to find out all about sound bath healing. 

Unclear about what a sound bath actually is, I asked Oliver to describe the process. He explained it as an opportunity to lie down, relax and receive conscious sound. Using the sound of instruments that are known to induce a sense of well-being, relaxation and enjoyment. Olivier uses a didgeridoo while his partner Megan plays the harmonium and sings. 

They use those instruments because the vibrations are really strong and enable the person to fall into a relaxed state. This allows them to open their heart, feel a sense of release and allow anxieties to drop away. The method of singing used in a sound bath is quite unique. Channelling different sounds and mantras that come to the vocalist from a higher place enables connection with something that is more than your physical body. 

Sound baths are often associated with yoga and many yoga studios are now offering this experience. Olivier and Megan have played not only in yoga studios but in some unique and different spaces worldwide, including Glastonbury Festival, underground in an old slate quarry in Cornwall, and on a boat, for the dolphins who loved the sound of the didgeridoo. 

They have just returned from a trip to Egypt, where they played in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. With 16 people in the chamber, Oliver played there during sunrise on the full moon and he tells me, “ it was the most ecstatic experience I have ever had.” 

I asked Olivier about the music, whether it was written or rehearsed for each occasion, but unlike more traditional music, it is never rehearsed. He and Megan connect with the group and feel the energy, enabling them to produce music perfect for everyone participating in the experience. 

Olivier started playing the didgeridoo when he was teaching in a high school in Australia. He noticed how the children were more open to learning when he played at the beginning of a class. This encouraged him to move into the field of sound healing and meditation, playing at festivals and retreats, one of which was in Fuseta, which led to them moving to Alvor two years ago. “The Algarve is open to healing and conscious movement, with many people wanting to get closer to nature.” 

If you want to experience a sound bath, you can find out more about upcoming workshops and retreats on the couple’s website. You can also experience it online through live sound baths or recordings, which is a great way to start. They will also be running an online programme called Blissful Unity, starting in 2023.

Ann de Jongh is a health and well-being coach 

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