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Hi, Gilly here. I appreciate a bike shampoo with degreaser isn’t everyone’s gift of choice, but it’s something that I know I would be delighted to receive in my Christmas stocking. Which got me thinking, this month I should look to make some Christmas gift suggestions, either for your own list or for that mountain biking enthusiast family member or friend – call it my gift to you.

First up, I thought about all the cute little gadgets and accessories I have and value, and then I called in at my local bike shop, Xtreme Lagos (you can find their details on Facebook), to check out prices and availability. I have put together what I think is a useful list of ideas for all budgets. 

I hope this gives you some useful pointers and ideas and scores you some bonus points. Of course, these are just my suggestions based on what I have seen, other stores and brands are available. 

Enjoy the festivities and as always, stay safe.

If you would like to share stories, tips or experiences, don’t hesitate to contact me

Stocking fillers and good value gifts for under 20€:

I get through at least one pair of gloves a year, so this is a no-brainer. The GES gloves I saw look durable, comfortable and good value.

Cycling-specific socks are something that I never treat myself to, so I was interested in the Coolmax performance and moisture-wicking socks.

I have a great little multi-tool that I take on every ride with me and you can get a basic one like mine for under a tenner, but for 20€ you can get one with a chain tool, a winner!

I have a really lightweight combi-lock, which I like to carry in case I need to leave my bike unattended. I didn’t see compact ones on my scouting mission but there was a good range of regular locks between 10 and 20€.

I already have a mini pump but this one is going on my list, a BH mini pump with fittings for both valve types and (the bit that got me excited) a built-in pressure gauge.

I love my Muc-off bike cleaning brush I purchased earlier this year and while I didn’t see any of these, I was drawn to a great range of Peaty’s cleaning products. I mentioned the shampoo with degreaser, there is also brake cleaner and a cool silicon finishing product to help protect expensive carbon frames, prices range from 9 to 20€.

If you’re looking for a small gift for less than a tenner you can’t go wrong with a bottle of chain lube, or a spray chain cleaner, or a couple of emergency quick absorption gels.

What 20 to 50€ will buy you:

I love my lightweight LED rechargeable lights, with easy fittings for taking on and off my bike. What I found on my recce were Moon rechargeable LED winter lights, sold separately or in sets, prices range from 25 to 40€. 

With frame bags becoming increasingly popular, I saw a good range of Zefal (saddle and frame) bags, lightweight and water-repellent in a variety of sizes, priced between 15 and 50€.

I track as many of my rides as I can and I was pleased to see you can buy a wireless bike computer with GPS for under 50€.

At the serious end, for over 50€ you can get: 

Glasses with interchangeable lenses are particularly useful for riding in mixed light conditions. The BBB range I looked at each has three sets of polycarbonate, high UV protection lenses and cool-looking, lightweight frames. Prices range from 50 to 80€. 

Cycle shorts and helmets tend to be a personal choice and the kit most riders will have already, so I didn’t take too much notice of the ranges available. But the Northwave shoes, now they caught my attention, with prices starting at 100 € they look pretty special.

Personal preference but I choose a backpack over saddle or frame bags and Camelbacks are right up there. They have easy-to-maintain hydration systems, additional room to carry essentials and are built to allow the air to flow between your back and the bag. There are various sizes available with prices ranging from 50 to 150€.

And for my final offering, 200 € will get you an all-singing and all-dancing iGPSport Cycling Computer.


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