Caring for animals in times of need

By Debbie Dargan

Shelters never have an easy time providing for the animals that pass through their doors, but now more than ever, they need our help.


I chatted to Cecilia Carmo, President of Cadela Carlota & Companhia Associação de Proteção de Animais, a non-profit organisation in Lagos, about how people can help.

At any one time, the organisation caters for around 100 dogs and 50 cats that have been abandoned, injured or found roaming the streets, and around 50 feral cats. That’s a hefty 200 animals to care for at any one time. The number of volunteers that look after the cats has been scaled back for now, but a few volunteers visit every day so there’s always someone to look after the animals and seek veterinary care if necessary.

Money that comes into the shelter is used to pay vets’ bills, buy food and maintain the shelters. Costs vary between 4000-5000 Euros per month. Normally, funds come through a variety of sources, such as the Câmara Municipal de Lagos. Cecilia explained, “ We have an excellent relationship with the Câmara and they have always been very supportive financially.” But obviously, they are trying to support many people at this time.

“Nandi Charity shop normally also helps us but can now only make a contribution of 11 days’ worth of food for our dogs. Volunteers also work at the organisation’s charity shops in Lagos and Almadena, but they too are closed.” Consequently, vital funding streams have stopped.

However, people can help by becoming members of the Association and paying a membership fee or, make donations to the organization through their Facebook page or website. At the moment, offering financial support is a key way that people can help.

Many people enquire about adoptions at this time as they feel it is an appropriate time to adopt. However, given that the shelter is operating using fewer volunteers and issues of social distancing, currently, adoptions are on hold. However, the advice is “visit our website or our Facebook page, take a look at the animals available for adoption and leave a message if you are interested. Please wait for them.”

Cadela Carlota & Companhia – Associação de Protecção de Animais


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