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As a recent or even longer-term arrival in the Algarve, you may be enjoying the fantastic food, the friendly and helpful people, and the incredible weather. You may also feel overwhelmed with some aspects of living here that you need to understand to enjoy life in the Algarve to its fullest.

How can Algarve Concept help?  

Algarve Concept is the brainchild of UK-born Natasha Jones Costa, who moved to Portugal at the young age of just six weeks! She understands that life in a new country, whilst exciting, can also be challenging. The idea for Algarve Concept came to Natasha a few years ago and remains close to her heart. She believes that life in the Algarve should be simple and enjoyable! Natasha is the friend you’ll want in your corner to help you surf successfully through life in the Algarve.

Algarve Concept offers a number of services that might be time-consuming and frustrating for non-Portuguese-speaking residents. With over 20 years of experience in property management and a wealth of local knowledge and contacts, Natasha is also fluent in Portuguese and English.  In fact, conversations in her family constantly switch between the two languages!  

Being totally bilingual (she has an English mother and a Portuguese father), Natasha also offers translation and interpreting services, a role she loves, so much so that she is happy to provide that personal touch. She can help with anything from standing in line with you at the Finanças and completing paperwork, to accompanying you to medical appointments or helping to liaise with local businesses and authorities.  Algarve Concept can be your ‘go-to’ contact.

With Natasha’s extensive ‘black book’ of contacts, Algarve Concept takes the sting and the worry out of everyday and unexpected problems. For example, Natasha was invaluable in helping one set of customers find an emergency locksmith at short notice after they locked themselves out of their villa. 

“Whilst I am learning to speak Portuguese, I wasn’t confident to attend a meeting with the GNR. Fortunately, with Natasha at my side, we were able to smooth over anything I was unsure about.”

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Algarve Concept only manages non-rental properties.

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