Be the Best You Can Be

WORDS Julian Putley

Sculptors is proud to be the performance enhancer for two physically challenged sports stars. 

Carlota Carochinho is only challenged by her age and size. She is 11 years old and diminutive but certainly not diminished. Her amazing talent and success as a motorbike speed racer is undisputed. She recently won the first race of the 2022 mini speed trophy at Santo André, organised by the Portuguese Motorcycle Federation, “It’s extremely tiring to manage four races in one day and with different bikes,” said Carlota, “but everything is forgotten when you get on the podium.” 

‘Sculptors’ describes itself as a ‘pioneering facility in wellness and performance enhancement.’ With personal trainers on-site, they specialise in customised solutions to fit individual needs. 

The relatively new wellness centre and gym recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. I was invited to attend the party and learn about their community involvement and commitment. The facility is located in the grounds of the luxury Cascade Hotel close to the popular Praia de Mós in Lagos. Their primary goal is to provide a personal assessment and training programme to be the best you can be in terms of health and vitality. 

Besides fitness, assistance in recovery from surgery, medical trauma, accident and physical impairment is a priority for Sculptors.

Fábio Reis is another client of Sculptors. He is a paraplegic, having lost a leg in a terrible accident in 2014. Not only did he suffer from a crippling injury but depression set in; he has a wife and two daughters, but with courage, determination and perseverance he has climbed his way back to success and even fame, becoming a wheelchair tennis celebrity. Today he is Portugal’s national champion. His ambition is to compete in the 2024 Paralympics in Paris.

Nuno Santos with Pedro and Hugo

The one-year anniversary celebration was not only a small party but also a way for new potential clients to see the gym and meet the director and the personal trainers. Gym equipment is always improving, and when Hugo, a personal trainer, offered to show me the Power Sport vibrating machine, I was impressed. It was originally developed by NASA to help astronauts avoid bone loss in a zero-gravity environment. In a medical recovery situation, it is used for victims of cancer, heart surgeries, debilitating accidents and other situations where exercise regimens are limited. I was then shown another machine; a weight and scanning computer that identifies areas of the body that need treatment. The personal trainer will then create a recommended regimen of exercises. 

Hugo went on to explain how he became involved in wellness and fitness. “From a young age I was a trampoline athlete and this led me to become an athletics coach. A natural progression was to take up wellness and fitness, so here I am. I love helping people and recently I had the pleasure of assisting an elderly lady who was on holiday and having difficulties recovering from double hip replacement surgery. Her ability to walk was seriously impaired. I set up a personalised programme involving special exercises; deep squats, back, posture etc. After five sessions lasting one and half weeks, she was so pleased, her gait was back to normal, she even sent me a personalised message from her home in England,” Hugo now specialises in postpartum recovery and has organised a Clinical Pilates programme.

Pedro, another personal trainer, has an interesting story too, “I started out as a chef, but soon I had put on a lot of weight. I was in fact, obese. I made a decision to lose the excess weight. Then I decided that fitness would be a career goal. Now I am specialising in cancer, from diagnosis to treatment and post-cancer recovery. Exercise is so important in disease recovery because depression can be overbearing.” After studying for his degree at the University of Portimão, Pedro is currently studying for his master’s degree in exercise, nutrition and health in Lisbon.

There is another facet to this state-of-the-art wellness centre. The Cascade Hotel adjacent to Sculptors Gym has two natural grass football fields. These facilities are often used by teams who come here from all over the world to stay in the hotel and train. Many players will search out nearby Sculptors for personal treatments for individual needs and regular fitness training.

The Director of Sculptors is Nuno Santos and he divides his time between the Loulé facility and the Lagos satellite. He was delighted with the turnout at the anniversary reception and looks forward to accepting new members. After all, there is nothing more important than good health and vitality, to ensure a happy life. ‘Be the Best You Can Be!’

Sculptors is offering a sponsorship to 11-year-old Carlota Carochinho. She is already a star motorbike rider, a Mini GP rider, with many awards and trophies. Her number is 28 in Portugal and 11 in Spain. Her training with a personal trainer involves special exercise routines, dietary suggestions, concentration and meditation. She began this amazing journey four years ago at the age of seven.  


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