I.T. Can Be Easy: Useful New Year Advice

With the coming of the New Year, people often look to improve their computer hardware so, based on my experience from speaking to my clients, here are some useful tips on the sort of things to look out for:

  • If buying a laptop in Portugal, consider that the keys on the keyboard will be in Portuguese. The language shown on the screen can be set to English. However, the actual physical keys will be in the Portuguese layout with extra characters.
  • Before transferring your data to your new computer, phone, or tablet, make sure you have noted down all your passwords that you use to get into any software program. For example, email accounts, banks, online shopping, Portuguese government organisations, utility or service bills, etc. When transferring to a new device, this information does not always transfer.
  • If buying a printer, remember cheap is not often the best way to go. A cheap printer may sound like a good option, but check first to see how much the replacement ink cartridges are going to cost you. Cheaper printers also have limited functions and can be very confusing and difficult to set up.
  • When you are buying any hardware, consider your priorities i.e. speed, screen size, camera quality, etc.
  • Shop around for the best deals, including online. Do not stick to the places you know; Portugal has many dependable and reasonably priced online electronic stores.
  • If you have loads of photographs, music, documents, etc, make sure your new device has the capacity to store them. Some models of iPads and cheaper laptops can have limited storage. If possible, pay for the extra storage; it will be worth it in the long run.

Good luck in the January sales, everyone and if you need any help or guidance on any of the items mentioned above, please do call. Always happy to help.


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