Fighting Back – Biologico

We look at Algarve businesses that have found innovative ways to evolve following the COVID pandemic and have fought back to become bigger and better.

João, a designer and Celine, a trained lawyer, both living in Vale De Telha, decided during lockdown to create Biologico, an organic grocery store in the heart of Sector B.

With their, ‘no risk, no fun’, attitude to business, they have provided a much needed addition to this ever growing village. With its booming surf culture, Vale De Telha continues to attract young, sporty, health conscious people and families from all over the world.

Having set up a guest house in Vale de Telha, covid saw lots of cancelled bookings, being  natural entrepreneurs, they decided to pursue a business idea that Celine had been toying with for a couple of years -She always stocked her own larder with vegetarian staples from online shopping, and as a result, realised that people might also need a way to access the same products without having to bulk buy or pay the hefty fees for delivery – this inspired her to create Biologico.

Half way through studying for a law degree in Switzerland, Celine realised that ‘being stuck in an office for 12 hours a day, wasn’t something that appealed to me, especially after getting a taste of life out here in the Algarve’. Luckily, on a surf vacation, she met João who was a surf teacher at the time and in 2015, they got together and have not looked back since. 

João, her Partner, whose father is a Maritime police officer from São Teotónio, and mother, a council worker from the Azores, spent the first 2 years of his life in the Azores until his family decided to move back to Aljezur, basing themselves in Vale De Telha, after his mother secured a job in the local camera, where she still works to this day. 

Celine and João juggle 4 jobs between them, the most important being parents to their 2 year old boy, and as mentioned previously, running a guest house. João is also a freelance designer, and created the logo for the Biologico. Alongside this, he works part-time as a photographer (@unknown.creative) for Gutherie Rocha, a successful estate agent based in Vale de Telha. 

Biologico decor has a charming boho-chic feel and is airy and inviting. The lack of clutter makes it easy to navigate around the shop. In time, they want to expand into a coffee shop and to work with a local farmer to provide weekly organic veggie boxes. Their ‘go with the flow’ and ‘learn as you experience’ attitude, is refreshing and honest, and in my opinion, will allow them to expand their business to fit in with the needs of their customers; Being customer-led they hope that the shop will grow in a positive direction as collaboration with their customers should ensure continued success. For now though, they openly admit that they are just learning the ropes and seem totally dedicated and excited about the potential of their success here. 

They have created the hashtag EATSMART – to inspire people to continue to be conscious about their food choices and ultimately their health. Biologico will only stock vegetarian and vegan supplies.

Biologico is ideally located in Sector B in Vale de Telha, allowing residents the opportunity to pop over on their bike, walk, or have a short car journey conveniently allowing locals access to products that they might have forgotten to purchase while in Aljezur town or other cities in the Algarve. Celine and João have definitely added to the ease of living here and therefore the quality of life for people both in Vale de Telha and in Arrifana.

Like with all new businesses, they need local support, so please make sure you visit them and let them know if there is anything you would like them to stock.


Location: Urb. Vale De Telha, Sector B, Edificio Q, Loja A, Aljezur, 8670-156


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