Sunset Vibes

With the oncoming North African winds synonymous with summer lovin’, warm water swells, bikinis and beach cocktails comes Duna Beach Sunsets on Meia Praia beach in Lagos. 

Determined to give Lagos some summer beach vibes and grow the Sunset vibes, DJ Toby “One” Millage has once again teamed up with Tivoli Lagos and Duna Beach to curate three world-class Sunset gigs. 

Toby believes that since the pandemic, “the general population are so much hungrier for proper DJ selectors and want to absorb new and classic dance music. So these, my friends, are for you.”

As this goes to print, the first of three events with Joe Goddard of the international dance band Hot Chip have already taken place, but you’re in luck as there are still two shows to go.

On 2 August, Nightmares on Wax are bringing disco and house to the beach. On 16 August, Tash LC & The Heatwave will be dropping dancehall afrobeat anthems. The parties are happening between 6 pm and 10.30 pm with a limited guestlist, free of charge and VIP tables.

Toby One comments, “In past years,  I couldn’t find anything interesting in the Algarve area and said to myself, ‘about time we had some quality down here in the Algarve to compare to the increasingly impressive booking and talent on show in Lisbon and Porto’.” 

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