Super Charged

Riding the wave of e-marine innovation, Marina de Lagos is leading the way in electric boating by becoming the first Aqua superPower marine fast-charging destination in Portugal. 

The newly installed Aqua 75 supercharger at Marina de Lagos will be part of a growing regional charging network to be rolled out along the Algarve. Marina de Lagos has 460 berths and wants to become a leading centre for electric boating. Joining Aqua superPower’s global marine fast charge network is part of the marina’s commitment to drive marine decarbonisation and reduce the impact of boating on the environment.

“Marina de Lagos is thrilled to be the first marina in Portugal to offer electric boat fast charging. We know that electric boats are here now, and they require the reliable ‘plug & go’ fast charging infrastructure Aqua superPower provides.” says Martinho Fortunato, CEO of Marina de Lagos.

Galaxia Boats, partnered with Marina de Lagos, hosted Portugal’s first all-electric boat show earlier this year, promoting a broad range of environmental boating solutions and the largest display yet of electric boats in Europe. Galaxia helped to facilitate the installation of Aqua’s rapid charger at Marina de Lagos, the first for the Algarve and for Portugal. “This is an important step towards a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come as well as the marine industry. Aqua’s marine fast charging network will help to promote a new era in electric boating,” says Roman Wroath, the founder of Galaxia Boats.

The first Aqua 75 installation in Portugal at Marina de Lagos

Located on the Bay of Lagos at the heart of the historic old town of Lagos, Marina de Lagos has become a maritime gateway to the Atlantic Ocean. The new Aqua superPower marine fast charger at Marina de Lagos represents the first station of the network and charging corridor to be built along the Algarve and Portuguese coast.

“By joining the Aqua superPower network, Marina de Lagos is able to meet the growing demand for electric boats and the infrastructure required to support them. We will be creating a fully built-out marine fast charging corridor and regional infrastructure along the Algarve, starting with Marina de Lagos as the first charging hub,” says Alex Bamberg, CEO of Aqua superPower.

A maritime town with more than 2000 years of history, Lagos is one of the most visited cities in the Algarve and Portugal. Lagos has won several awards for its sustainable practices and has been selected for inclusion in the global atlas for sustainable tourism. More than 60% of its territory is a natural conservation area and all of its beaches as well as Marina de Lagos carry the Blue Flag.

Marco Cornacchia, Marina Manager of Cala del Forte signs contract for first Aqua superPower network installation in Portugal

“One of the main areas of intervention that we have chosen as a priority in municipal activity is to make Lagos a sustainable territory, in parallel with economic, social and cultural development. It was, therefore, with great pride that we witnessed the installation of the first charger for electric vessels existing on the Portuguese coast in Marina de Lagos. Without a doubt, it is an important move towards the transition away from fossil fuels and chemicals to non-polluting energy in the nautical world, and will serve as a stimulus for the sector to consider its investment strategy going forwards. After all, this clean energy transition is the responsibility of us all, both individually and as a society. It is a future we have to pursue and help make a reality,” says Hugo Pereira, Mayor of Lagos.


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