Dog Fostering

Cats and dogs have special needs too

At Cadela Carlota, we have over 80 dogs to care for, so naturally, the time we can give to each individual dog is limited. They all have cuddles, grooming and handling, but each dog has come to us having been either mistreated, constantly tied up, or living rough on the streets. Who knows what other terrible treatment they have previously experienced?

At the moment, we need many more foster homes – for a variety of different reasons. We have many dogs who need this extra care. Some adapt with amazing speed, while others are more reserved. Like us, each dog is an individual with different needs. Pete is deaf and he limps – because he was run over and operated on as a puppy. His owner did not follow the vet’s advice correctly after the operation and this caused the paw to heal in the wrong way. Pete is intelligent with a gentle nature, with continual care in a loving home, he will make great progress.  

Chanel is full of fun, but she needs a one-to-one relationship to channel her energies. And then there is Mr Ollie (main photo), who was involved in a traffic accident as a young dog and had to have one of his front legs amputated. He cannot go on long, strenuous walks so pottering about is more his style. We do not want Pete, Chanel and Mr Ollie to spend their entire lives at the shelter – they have so much to offer and deserve so much more.


We really do need lots more foster homes to give our overlooked dogs (and cats) a better chance of a normal life. Do you have that sense of commitment and caring which could give one of our wonderful friends a foster home? If so, we would be delighted to help and guide you every step of the way.

At Cadela Carlota, we would much prefer that you take your chosen companion for lots of walks before deciding to either foster or adopt. This gives you both time to adjust to one another, making the transition from shelter to home far less traumatic for all concerned.

If you would like to consider fostering a dog or a cat, please contact:

+351 917 448 583

Chrissy and Karen’s story

Chrissy was a shy, young girl and, after a year with us, she had still not fully adapted to life in the shelter: it was too noisy with too much going on. She made a lot of progress, but our trained team realised they had done all they could to encourage her natural personality. It was decided to look for a foster home because, once a dog has lived in a proper home and adjusted to modern life, it will settle far more readily into a permanent home. 

Karen worked from home and realised that she felt increasingly isolated. She had very little contact with other people and missed walking in the countryside and the physical exercise that this necessitated. She loved dogs, having owned a dog as a child, so she became a volunteer dog walker. With this aim in mind, Karen visited the various local dog shelters and walked different dogs. This greatly improved her sense of well-being – but she did not want to own a dog. Then, a friend suggested that she might like to foster a dog because it was not a permanent situation. Karen would be free to explore other avenues should the need arise. 

Chrissy had made a massive impression on Karen, so she visited the shelter and took Chrissy for walks many, many times while making the final decision.  

Once Chrissy was living with Karen, it soon became apparent that Chrissy needed to feel absolutely secure – she was such a timid soul. And love alone could not provide this security. In her new home, Chrissy needed to climb two very small steps to get into the house, but she was too frightened. With patience, observation and understanding (plus quite a few treats!), it took Karen two weeks to build up Chrissy’s confidence enough for her to be able to climb the steps. Other obstacles to her confidence soon became apparent. 

With love, patience, and encouragement (plus quite a few more treats), Chrissy overcame these obstacles little by little. Now she has a loving, calm foster home, her gentle nature has been allowed to blossom. Foster care has changed her life completely. 


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