Restoring Confidence – Areola Reconstruction

I’ve been practising semi-permanent makeup for some years now, so it only seemed right that it was time to use my skill and experience and be able to learn something very unique and special.

After training in the UK, I am now able to help restore the confidence of men and women who’ve been affected by breast cancer or other surgical procedures. 

Nipple and areola reconstruction is advanced medical tattooing with specific medical grade pigments which give a realistic 3D effect. The results are spectacular. It also helps to reduce scarring and improves radiation scars.

An in-depth consultation will assess your needs with discretion and a bespoke treatment will be prescribed. Not only is it about restoring the physical appearance, but it’s also about restoring self-confidence and the feeling of self-worth, which is sometimes lost when we’ve undergone such dramatic changes to our bodies.

Like semi-permanent procedures, a pigment is deposited under the surface of the skin. Over time it will fade, but booster treatments will help refresh the pigment colour. Intricate shading and scar minimisation create a realistic and natural effect. If it’s only one breast then the treated side is expertly colour matched to give an even symmetry.

The procedure is numbed, but If you’ve undergone breast reconstruction or other surgeries then there isn’t a lot of sensation in the area. To maximise comfort, an anaesthetic numbing cream is applied prior to being treated.

In the consultation, I will discuss shape, colour, and scar minimisation. Next, there will be two to three treatments which follow building up colour, detail and shape. These appointments will have a four to six-week gap in between to allow the area being treated to heal properly.

I feel that this should be available for everyone so payment plans can be offered if necessary. If you know someone that you feel could benefit then please get in touch with me by email and I’ll be happy to discuss any queries or further questions. 

Everyone should have the opportunity to feel confident in their own bodies. Medical tattooing is enabling us to do so with new modern techniques.


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