Kid’s Christmas Appeal

WORDS Alex Brennan

Each year, young people living in the residential home in Lagos (Lar de Jovens) are able to enjoy a Christmas event together, funded by The Lagos Orphans Fund and the local community.

Your kind donation, no matter how big or small, will go towards providing the children with a healthy (but tasty) three-course lunch, some music and dancing and some well-deserved pressies. This year, their Christmas will be held on the 10th of December and will be kindly hosted by Munich restaurant in Lagos.

The children really do look forward to this event and although receiving a gift at Christmas and having a bit of lunch doesn’t sound like much to most, it really puts a smile on their faces and means the world to them so, if you can, please donate! Alternatively, if you would like to buy a gift chosen by one of the children please email me for more information.

The Lar de Jovens offers a home to 25 young people who aren’t able to reside in their family homes and is funded by CASLAS – a non-profit, government-backed organisation. The Lagos Orphans Fund was set up over 20 years ago by a few locals. Its aim is to provide extras and treats that children from a loving, stable home may expect as normal.

It has been a tough few years due to COVID and restrictions have meant almost no weekend outings. The children have been restricted to the institution. However, the volunteers and The Lagos Orphans Fund have been busy this year! As well as providing every child with a birthday present, the volunteers and children have made many happy memories out and about.

They’ve been able to take the children to Slide and Splash multiple times and have enjoyed lots of walks and picnics. They’re looking forward to taking the children to the Algar recycling plant in December. As well as lots of weekend trips, the fund has also paid for kickboxing lessons, several memberships at the municipal sports centre/pool, singing lessons and even supported one of the older residents to take her driving licence.

For more information on CASLAS, please read pages 24-25 of the Tomorrow October ’19 edition ‘CASLAS… a home from home

Thank you & muito obrigado!


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