Permanent Eye Makeup

Do you dare to give it a go?

When we live in a climate where we are often wiping our brows or hopping in and out of the water to cool down, permanent makeup seems like a no-brainer. But would I be brave enough to allow a needle that close to my eyes?

I am a complete wimp and generally terrified of any procedure involving needles or sharp objects; the thought of them being wielded around my eyes I found quite frankly terrifying. However, after reading our beauty editor Donna´s article on permanent eye makeup, I decided to give it a go.

It helped that I really trust Donna and know the number of courses she goes on to make sure she is knowledgeable on all the latest beauty techniques. Her tool was reassuringly more like a pen than a needle! However, I was very nervous on entering her salon, not least because I also didn’t want to emerge looking like a clown. So I at first opted for a grey colour to go on the eyelids and under the eyes.

It looked fabulous for about a week and then wore off, so Donna concluded that I needed to go for black. Donna does not charge you more if the makeup doesn’t stick and you need to go back for more treatments. However, I would advise you to bite the bullet and be brave. A lot of the ink does come off, meaning the end look is subtle, so you won’t emerge looking like a glamour model.

You need to have at least two treatments. Donna uses high-quality,  premodified pigments meaning that the colour fades and doesn’t morph into another colour like purple or blue over time, which would not be a good look! You can always go for a colour boost once a year if you prefer the rich black look. 

The process is, to be honest, not the most pleasant experience for me, although I was amazed to hear that several of Donna´s clients have fallen asleep during the procedure! The eye area is numbed, so you don’t feel any pain, but you are in the chair for around an hour and a half and it feels like you have an annoying little fly around your eye. 

But beauty is pain, ladies and I am now set for summer with a permanent eyeliner underline and lid line and can happily leave the house every morning without almost poking my eye out with a pencil. I am going to return for an eyelash tint and lift, which will enhance the eyeliner look and mean I can hop in and out of the water with not a panda eye in sight.

Go on, ladies – give it a go. I dare you!

Donna´s treatment at the Kutting Room in Praia da Luz cost 200€ and lasts for around three years. 


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