Kat the Dog, by Alyson Sheldrake

Even though I haven’t reviewed a dog memoir before and have only read a couple in my lifetime, I admit that Kat the (Turco Andaluz) Dog’s story is fascinating.

“The farmer placed me back in my kennel on the chain, and I huddled into a ball. My body was heavy as lead, and my teats dried up like concrete. It was almost too much effort to move, even to eat or drink, as I lay there wishing he had thrown me into the sack with my babies.”

After a heart-wrenching debut in life and more than one year spent guarding a Spanish farm, our four-legged prima donna decides to take matters into her own paws and flees the hostile prison. “Giving up who you are, no matter what the future brings, cannot be worse than that place cursed with evil manners.”

“I crawled up and put my head on the soft padded cushion. I stretched out and relaxed as Alyson covered me with a fluffy blanket. The mattress underneath me had a gentle heat coming from inside it. I couldn’t believe it.”

Yes, being a spectacular pilgrimage from Hell to Heaven, the journey through Kat’s vivid life is filled with wonder, bitterness, obstacles, unconditional love and loyalty, memories, and special moments. That is why Alyson’s book is much more than just an insightful (auto) biography: in my reading, it is a resourceful and genuine blend of fiction and nonfiction, where the dog gradually becomes emotionally connected to the author, and both begin to understand each other despite the natural language barriers. 

Using Kat the Dog as the narrator adds a unique, adorable perspective and dimension to the story. But no more spoilers, simply enjoy the book and find out for yourselves how a dog came to be named Kat.

An excellent lighthearted tale about kindness, compassion, true love of life, and the great value of second chances, that is definitely worth reading. For more than one reason: if you haven’t had a dog before, you might consider getting one now; or, if you already are the lucky friend (I hate the word ‘owner’) of one or more canines, you can understand better their glances, behaviour, and the ways they act.

“15% of all profits made from the sale of this book are donated to local dog rescue charities.”

If, after this wordy consideration, you want to discover Alyson Sheldrake’s, Kat the Dog, by yourself, look for it on Amazon.es from 12.22€ (paperback) up to 20.37€ (hardcover), or Amazon.co.uk from £0.00 (KindleUnlimited monthly subscription plan) up to £3.99 (Kindle edition one time buy).


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