A New Mission

A new church has opened its doors in Portimão and pastors Thomas and Helena Vernholm are looking to create a new congregation and help the community.

The New Heart New Spirit Alpha Omega Holy Assembly (NHNSAOHA) is the first Scandinavian and International non-denominational Church in the Algarve located in Portimão and world-wide online. Better known as Protestant and Evangelical. Their Church is part of their Charity association Associação United & Empoweing Millions that they have founded together with their Portuguese partners. NHNSAOHA will mainly hold services in English but offer translation services in Swedish, Danish and Portuguese if needed. Everyone is welcome. They have acquired a building in the centre of Portimão´s old town where there is a need to help people in a number of areas of life.

The church is also starting an international choir, inviting new members, singers with and without experience, and some experienced musicians to form the ICAC – International Christian Algarve Choir. Thomas and Helena explain, “It is for anyone who likes to sing and whether they already have a strong faith or are open to joining a choir where many people have a faith in God and maybe just want to sing and learn more about God. It is a non-denominational choir and for everyone regardless of background, experience and nationality. In fact, we hope to give people new hope and meaning through the music, fellowship and our community.”

The church is also opening a soup kitchen and café. Thomas and Helena believe that the choir and soup kitchen will be a way to give people a safe space where they can meet new friends, get some food, get new hope, get free food and be involved in many of the church´s projects. “We plan to buy a food truck and also deliver food and other items to needy families in the western Algarve, and we are open to receiving applications from volunteers, musicians and drivers, of course. We walk in excitement and cannot wait for what God will do in this next season and to start serving the people in Algarve, regardless of background, age, gender or nationality.”

The International/Swedish choir Cantus Nortada will be holding their first spring concert this month. The event will be held on 12 May, from 5 pm

Location: Serra Nossa Terra, Church of Fonte da Vida in Sargaçal. 

Entry is 5€ per person. Contact Patrik Nygren: +351 932 728 379 (MB Way). 

All proceeds will go to the Fonte da Vida charity.



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