Interview with Division Code

Division Code are an electronic music duo based out of Lagos. Consisting of Tomorrow’s sports editor, David Lugg (vocals) and Niall Hills (music/production), they have just been signed by a German record label and released their debut EP, Outside These Walls on 25 March. The band speak to Tomorrow about their aspirations in the industry as well as life in the Algarve.

Congratulations on your debut EP (Extended Play Recording)! This must be an exciting time for Division Code.

David Lugg: Yes, it really is! When we started out we didn’t really have any concept of where it was going to take us. But signing a contract with the record label (Big Mamas House Records) really gave us the confidence that we might be onto something special.

Niall Hills: Yeah, thank you. The reaction to the music has been great. We’re definitely very excited about it.

Tell us a little bit more about your debut release. 

DL: We’re very proud of Outside These Walls. It took a long time to put the final touches together, but it was well worth the wait. There are four tracks on the EP, though we have plenty more music in the pipeline.

NH: We considered releasing an album, but the industry has changed so much in the past few years. It’s no longer essential to come straight out with a full album. 

How did the group form? Did you meet here in the Algarve?

NH: I met David when I was DJ-ing at the Grand Cafe (in Lagos) back in 2018.

DL: I was actually here on holiday at the time. Two years later, I ended up moving to the Algarve and we bumped into each other by chance. I recognised Niall from Grand Cafe and we ended up chatting about music. The rest is history.

Do you both come from musical backgrounds?

NH: I grew up playing the piano. I studied music and now I’m a music teacher and producer.

DL: I was in a rock band and then a jazz band, but I also did lots of musical theatre, which has put me in good stead for being on stage.

Can we see Division Code play any time soon?

NH: Hopefully. We’re currently working on a live set. A friend of ours, Sean, is going to play the drums to give the set more of an edge. Once we’re up and running we’ll announce some dates.

DL: Keep your eyes on our social media.

So what brought you both to the Algarve in the first place?

NH: Lagos was a big draw for me. I love the vibe and the surfing. There are quite a lot of musicians too.

DL: Yeah, similar to me, I guess. The coastline is special. The west coast reminds me of my home in Cornwall. It’s an easy place to fall in love with.

Have you found musical inspiration from living in the Algarve?

DL: Oh definitely. Aside from the obvious beauty, it’s such a pleasure to just listen to the waves and zone out from the world. I jot down lyrics almost on a daily basis. 

 What are your hopes for Division Code? Where do you hope to be in 12 months?

DL: For the time being, we need as much publicity as possible. We need to get our name out there so we would be very grateful if your readers could go to our Spotify page and have a listen.

NH: We’re also on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport and many other platforms so please do spread the word.

DL: Hopefully within 12 months, one of our tracks will have been picked up by a radio station. We will need a bit of luck, but we believe we have all the right ingredients to do well.



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